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How to become A Certified Hypnotherapist in Dubai & Abu Dhabi?

We are all born with infinite possibilities and the powerful resource of our mind to create the life we want. All we must learn to do is to utilize our mind power to tap into our infinite potential.


Negative emotions, addictions, troubled relationships and sickness, all originate from old limiting beliefs, programs and patterns that we carry within our subconscious mind, which we may not even be aware of.


Hypnotherapy aids in resolving core behavioral, emotional, physical and mental issues.


Hypnosis is a natural state of awareness in which the physical body is completely relaxed, and the mind is active. It’s important to note that this is a ‘natural’ state – which means everyone does and can experience Hypnosis. And if everyone can experience Hypnosis, then everyone can also learn and practice Hypnotherapy.


This field of study and practice is open for all – people from different walks of life, professions, education, nationalities, cultures, gender and backgrounds.


The only criteria to become a Hypnotherapist are to have the zest for learning, the desire to tap into the power of our infinite potential and the outlook to create the realty we desire.


Here are some easy steps to kick start your journey of healing and wellness and becoming a Certified Hypnotherapist in Dubai by answering these 6 simple questions for yourself –

1. Why Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy?


The mind is the most powerful tool humans have. More often than not, we allow the mind to work against us, rather than for our benefit. Due to various challenges, stressors and learnt behaviour from negative influences, we create our own self-imposed limitations, which have been set on autopilot in our attitudes, behaviour patterns, and beliefs. If left unaddressed, it keeps us stuck in a rut of fear, anger and triggered responses which negatively impact every area of our life. All we must learn to do, is to tap into the power of our infinite potential and align our conscious thought processes with our subconscious programs, in order to take charge of our life

2. Where can I study to become a certified Hypnotist in Dubai?


Illuminations has partnered up with EKAA, the only ISO Certified Training Institute for Hypnotherapy that allows you to become a hypnotherapist in Dubai in five levels. The courses run throughout year starting from Level 1 – Level 5. The certification allows you to practice in 23 countries including USA, UK & Australia.


EKAA courses are affiliated with the International Medical and Dental Health Association, TASSO UNIVERSITY HOLLAND and other various bodies.

Right here in Dubai at Illuminations Well-Being Centre – you can sign up for the next batch, attend either the Awareness Seminars if you have any queries or directly move to attend Level 1. You can join Hypnotherapy Support Groups, to share and build on your learning at Illuminations. Illuminations Well-Being Centre, Dubai & Illuminations in Abu Dhabi provides a fantastic platform to not only experience Hypnotherapy in private sessions but also to learn the science from the best Hypnotherapists and Teachers in the industry.


To learn more: visit: //

3. How do I make a start?


You can book an online or phone or personal consultation with a certified Hypnotherapist at Illuminations who can answer all your queries and demystify the science of Hypnotherapy

4. When can I start?


Right away – the course on Integrated Hypnotherapy is available in Dubai & Abu Dhabi on an ongoing basis with all levels being conducted at regular intervals. You can start today! Visit the following link to learn more: //

5. Who certifies me?


After completion of the course you are certified by EKAA and your certificate can be attested from the KHDA. EKAA also has affiliations worldwide, IMHDA and TASSO Institute, Holland to name a few.

Arpita Mitra Gupta, Hypnotherapist and Mind Science Specialist at Illuminations JLT and a Teacher of the Course says “The Certified Course in Integrated Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy provides you with powerful tools and techniques to facilitate a process in which individuals release unwanted habits and negative patterns from the deepest recesses of their Subconscious Mind. Be it Physical Sickness, Somatic Illnesses, Mental Blocks or Emotional Triggers – Hypnotherapy helps us to break the barriers of limiting beliefs, reprogram negative thoughts, and align ourselves with our most empowering potential.”


Take the first step to your wellness, with Hypnotherapy!

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