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How Thoughts & Emotions Affect Our Health & Well-Being?

Quantum physicists, biologists, and doctors are now beginning to highlight the impact of our thoughts and emotions on our physical health & well-being.

Research from the Heart Math Institute found that when experiencing feelings of love, joy, and gratitude, ill patients had a measurable improvement in their health! And their immune system was found to have 300,000 times the amount of resistance!

Doctors estimate that many of the diseases we experience originate from stress. Stress starts from our thought processes and if left unresolved negatively affects our body!


So how do our thoughts actually influence our physical body?

THOUGHTS: Everything in the Universe begins with a thought! Thoughts are the root of all creation!

EMOTIONS: Every thought we have generates an emotion we feel.

ENERGY: These emotions influence our energy system; such as the aura or our chakras

PHYSICAL BODY: Our auras & chakras are directly correlated with the endocrine glands of the body, responsible for releasing and regulating the hormones in our body.

As a result, through the chain linking our thoughts-emotions-energy-physical body, our thoughts actually affect our physical body!


When we feel happy, we feel healthier & energetic and our body releases happiness hormones such as serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin.

When we feel anxious or worried, our body generates toxins that lower our immunity and starts to cause health issues.

Adopting the mind-body connection approach by healing your thoughts, will positively impact your body, health & wellbeing!


Stay Happy! Stay Healthy!


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