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How the Planets Influence Our Personality


Every planet in the solar system and beyond, has its own consciousness. When I say consciousness I mean – energy signature that is distinctly its own. For example Saturn is or exudes the consciousness of determination, hard work, perseverance, fear and treachery.

Now you may ask how it is possible to be the energy of perseverance and also of fear. The answer to that is that both perseverance and fear are of the same energetic essence, vibrating at different frequencies. When one succumbs to circumstances, it creates fear… when one confronts circumstances, it creates perseverance.

Similarly every planet has its own energetic essence. Mercury is the consciousness of curiosity, intelligence, innocence, confusion and communication. Venus is the consciousness of relationships, Mars is the ability to act in the moment, passion, restlessness and enthusiasm. Jupiter is the energy of righteousness, dogma, hope and wisdom. Moon is feeling consciousness and Sun is soul power.

What is important to understand here is that all these planetary energies exist within each and every one of us because simply put, we are star dust in motion. Whatever is out there in the cosmos is also in here within each and every one of us. The planets come alive through the conscious human being.

Consciousness is expressed through the feelings and emotions experienced by us through our awareness. The more we grow, the more aware we are of our own highest potential, the more we vibrate from the higher frequencies of the planetary forces within us and then the consciousness of Saturn moves from fear to determination, Mercury moves from confusion to intelligence, Mars from restlessness to passion, Venus from insecurity to freedom in relationships etc.


It is important to understand that the planets and stars – what we refer to as Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology, are all living beings or intelligent forces of consciousness that are transforming and evolving through us. When I say this I mean the human race. Every planet and every Nakshatra (there are 27 that are featured in Vedic Astrology) in your chart, create the story of your life – a platform from where you can grow and explore your highest potential. When you understand these energies within your chart and hence within yourself you are able to live your life more fully… you are able to fulfill your purpose.

The ultimate purpose for all the galactic energies is to evolve and therefore that is our ultimate purpose too. Every day is a chance of evolution – to resolve our karma or simply to understand the energies that are holding us back and then to grow in the direction of the light or wisdom or understanding of our full, enlightened potential. And everyone has this opportunity – ultimately it’s all about how much effort you make in your life journey to work with this galactic consciousness that is your CHOICE.

You are everything and everything is you. The galactic energies work though each and every one of us because, through our awareness, collectively we are creating tomorrow. What does your tomorrow look like?