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How Positivity can increase Productivity

We all start off as kids full of energy. We are playful, laughing, giggling bubble of innocent positivity. As we grow up, some of us starts to take on a more serious approach to life. Seeing life as a struggle or heavily competitive, we start to lose a lot of childhood’s innocent positivity and we start to harbor doubts, fears and extreme pressure to succeed as our goals. It’s as if we are motivated by our scarcity rather than our abundance.


Being positive may mean a lot of things but essentially it means be non-serious while taking the task at hand seriously. Doing things in life out of the joy of doing them rather than doing it only for the sake of survival. The journey should be fun as well not just the destination. If we enjoy the process of creating we will enjoy the outcome or goal as well. Otherwise, a goal that we achieve will not be able to stimulate happiness within us either. We would be achieved only because we are addicted to achieving but we might not even be half as productive which we can be if we stay positive and enjoy our work.

Staying productive is more of an attitude rather than the destination. We think if I pass this test, this promotion etc. then I will feel more positive. But that is our self-worth extended to the object outside us? Why do we need proofs to know our value?

Positivity will keep us in a good state of balance where we will be sincere at what we do but at the same time we will not make our goals an object of our self-approval, thereby reducing stress and creating joy in the task at hand. We would be doing things because we love doing it, because we know we can add value to the work we do.

So let’s pledge to be positive in life and let the magic of abundance unfold!