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How NLP Can Help You Think Positively in Challenging Times!

We all face challenges and trying times that make us feel extremely low. It is difficult to find any positivity in these situations, let alone maintain a positive countenance. Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) can help you when you are struggling!

What is NLP?


Neuro-language programming is described as “a set of language and sensory-based interventions and behavior-modification techniques designed to help improve the client’s self-awareness, confidence, communication skills, and social actions.”

What does NLP do?


NLP has been known to treat fears, anxiety, phobias, poor self-esteem, stress and so on. Neuro-linguistic Programming helps one understand who they are, how they came to be this way, how to manage their moods and emotions, and how to rewire the way they perceive information so as to help them be calmer, more peaceful and successful.

In what ways does NLP help you think positively?


We asked our NLP trainer, Dr. Doris Greenwood, the ways in which NLP can help you think positively, and she gave us insights into elements of the neuro-linguistic programming model. These elements are presuppositions that are basic principles that you work with when working with NLP.

The following are the presuppositions of NLP, which help you think positively

        • At any point in time, an individual’s behavior was the best choice of behavior they had at the time. Often, we look back at incidents and realize that there may have been better ways of dealing with these. You can identify better behaviors or different ways in which you could have behaved at that point in time. However, this knowledge comes in only once you have already behaved a certain way and understood the outcome of that behavior.


        • Every behavior is always backed by positive intention. Even if our behavior can have negative outcomes, it was never meant to be that way. Everyone starts off with doing something with some positive intent and this may lead to negative results. This insight can help you think positively when you get to the root of someone’s behavior and what they thought it would lead to. Once the intent has been identified, it is then possible to find alternative ways of dealing with the situation such that the ultimate result can be positive.


        • Failure doesn’t exist, only feedback does. NLP helps you remember that one can learn from their mistakes and that making mistakes does not make one a failure. The learning that comes from these experiences is valuable and necessary and is a way of feedback for your behavior. This helps you understand how to go about tackling similar situations in the future.


        • The response that you get from your communication is a mark of how effectively you have communicated what you feel. If your communication was misunderstood, you must try to figure out where you went wrong and aim at correcting the same in the future.


        • Since NLP helps you look at different perspectives, it also helps you adjust and improvise according to different incidents. This makes you flexible and easy-going, directly contributing to a positive state of mind. When you are flexible, you have a better chance of understanding and achieving the exact result that you want.


        • Our perception of the world is not necessarily the complete reality of it. We see the world based on our interpretation. One’s perception of the world can majorly influence what one makes of it. You are merely projecting your perception onto the world.


        • When you understand that reality is different from your perception of it, you can also begin to make room for other people’s perception of the same. Different perspectives help you identify different ideas of the world for different people. Delving into someone else’s perspective and understanding it thoroughly can open up your mind to thoughts and emotions that you may not have otherwise considered.


        • People usually communicate consciously and subconsciously. One always manipulates reality with the things one wants or thinks of. NLP helps you identify what matters to you and in what direction your communication and manipulation are headed. This can directly impact your state of positivity or negativity, based on what you wish for. Are you seeking overall upliftment or are you seeking purely your own upliftment? How do you intend to achieve this?


        • You already have access to what you need to succeed, as does everyone else. This NLP presupposition helps you explore your skills, likes, and dislikes, such that you can use them to work towards your goals or desired results.


        • Incapability only exists in moods or in specific states of mind. You are never incapable of achieving something, but a state of laziness could render you incapable in the moment. A state of fear could render you immobile, thus making you incapable in the moment. However, people are not incapable. It is just the mood or the bent of their minds in the moment.


        • When someone resists you, it is because of a combination of factors. You either lack mutual rapport, or there are ineffective communication and inadequate flexibility between the both of you.


        • When facing resistance, it is also important to identify the goals someone has. If the change that you are trying to bring about is completely inconsistent with their goals, then they will certainly be resistant to the change. One needs to want the change to happen for it to actually work without any resistance! NLP trains you how to understand this so that you can work together with the person from whom you are facing resistance.


        • The mental and physical states go hand in hand. Just like a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and vice versa, so too, your mental state reflects itself subconsciously in your behavior. Impatience can be visible, for instance, through restlessness and fidgety behavior. The tone of the voice and one’s body language matters too.


        • It is important to realize that when you have something to say, it is how you say it that makes the biggest difference because that’s what dictates what the other person would interpret the situation as.


      • You learn to focus on the present rather than being fixated on the past or stressing about the future. The past is not equal to the future and generalizing instances can only cause you to feel more down than ever. Similar incidents will occur but in newer contexts. NLP teaches one to identify these newer contexts and focus on them, so as to not continue to ruminate in the past.

A neurolinguistics programming practitioner can help you deal with challenging times and overcome negative self-talk to help you cope with feelings of low self-esteem and those of being lost. For those interested in certification courses, at Illuminations Well-Being Center in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we offer NLP courses and training programs. Delivered by trained professionals, you can obtain an NLP Certification in Dubai so that you can begin to heal yourself and your loved ones. Visit our website to learn more.

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