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How Mental Health Can Resolve Your Hormonal Imbalance Issues

We all know how our hormones can completely turn our day around. One minute, you’re feeling light, happy, and ready to take on the world and the next second you’re suddenly feeling heavy and want to just crawl up into bed all day. How you think and feel is deeply guided by the hormones present in your body. If hormone levels have such a significant impact on us, any imbalance in these levels causes many more mood swings, feelings of anxiety and depression, etc. Here’s how your mental health can help regulate how you’re feeling, what you’re going through in your body and reduce stress in your life.

How do Hormones work and their impact?


Hormones regulate all major bodily process; they are chemicals produced by the body to help perform everyday functions. They travel through the bloodstream and transmit messages to all the organs to perform their particular duties. They help regulate an individual’s metabolism, appetite, sleep, reproductive cycles and stress levels. Hormone imbalances are seen more during puberty, menstruation and pregnancy and due to genetic and biological factors. However, many times these imbalances are triggered by external circumstances such as stress factors and mood swings.

In our current day and age with the many deadlines and tensions, it has been seen that this never-ending stress causes hormone imbalances for many people. Many individuals experience these imbalances continually or irregular, depending on their external life or work environment. This has a huge, negative impact on their sleep schedules, health and overall quality of life. Hormone imbalances in women are seen with great frequency due to their menstrual cycles, with the spike of hormones higher during that period. It becomes a need to regulate and resolve these issues that arise out of hormone imbalances.

Steps to resolve hormone imbalance issues

1. Get enough rest!


Sleep is hard to come by in our hectic and busy lives, but it is the base to a healthy and happy life. Hormone imbalances make a mess of your sleep cycle, make sure to set a routine to get the required amount of sleep for your body to heal and remain healthy. Keep away from eating sugar or drinking caffeine late at night.

2. Eat light and well


Your diet defines you, inside and out. Not giving your body the nutrition it deserves will further hamper the feelings and symptoms you’re experiencing from these imbalances. Ensure you include fruits and vegetables and all the vitamins essential for a wholesome life.

3. Get that exercise time in!


We all know that rush after a workout makes you believe you can take over the world. The exercise high is like no other. It can help you battle all these unwanted feelings of worthlessness and depression that are caused by hormone imbalances in your body. Set aside time each time to at least in a walk or a sport.

4. Manage your stressors


Often times when it’s not your genetic predisposition or a medical condition that is causing these imbalances, it’s usually the stress triggers in one’s life. Identifying the root cause and origin of these high stress levels is the first step. Managing them in a positive and healthy manner is integral as well. Stress management solutions and therapy is the key to maintaining a better standard of life.

Usually, it is not that easy to identify these stressors and manage them. Mind approaches like Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy help break down and fill the gaps in where the pressure arises from. Hypnosis is known to gain access to one’s subconscious mind and that helps in sourcing the key stressor that is causing this hormonal imbalance in your life. Reducing these stressors then can be done with the help of a trained professional with stress relief therapy and various other stress management solutions. A wellness center in Dubai, Illuminations provides for a variety of treats to help hormone imbalances and stress management. To know more about Hypnotherapy and stress management solutions and if you’re looking to better your mental health in Dubai, visit our website.

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