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How Hypnotherapy can heal PTSD

What comes to your mind when you think of ‘hypnosis’? You would probably think of a swinging pendulum held in front of someone or perhaps a magician’s show where people are hypnotized to think they are animals. Perhaps you didn’t immediately think of it being a tool for ‘effective mental treatment’ or ‘trauma healing therapy’. However, believe it or not, hypnotherapy is a therapeutic method of treating traumatic experiences, especially Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

What is PTSD and what are its symptoms?


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is conventionally associated with war veterans or soldiers. On the contrary, PTSD can affect anyone and everyone. Anyone who has experienced a traumatic incident in their lives and has had a tough time dealing with it could be suffering from PTSD. Examples of this could be a person who has been sexually abused or who has witnessed a terror attack or children who grew up in violent and abusive households. Obviously, not every person who witnesses something disturbing has PTSD. Most people process the traumatic event and recover after a short period. However, for PTSD patients, these symptoms go on for longer durations and they might even get worse. Typical symptoms included flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety, panic, loss of concentration, sleep and memory, fears and phobias, etc. Improper treatment of PTSD could result in somatic and physical illnesses, too.

Trauma makes such a lasting impact on the human mind that the sufferer continues to believe that the trauma is currently happening. They are constantly experiencing a lack of control and safety in their lives. It alters their relationships, families, mood, motivation, and perception. Due to constant fear, they are always stressed, anxious and are scared of hurting their loved ones. They perceive themselves differently and to avoid reliving the incident again, they turn towards substance abuse or other addictions, known as avoidance through disassociation. Effective treatment of PTSD symptoms is important for health-care and stress management. The reason why Hypnotherapy is useful is that it unearths the root cause of these issues.  An important aspect of PTSD is that certain factors, surroundings or even people play the role of a trigger, where they remind the individual of the past trauma. Just as a particular song reminds you of your childhood days, similarly a particular sound, smell or thing is a trigger that throws the sufferer back into the past event.

What is Hypnotherapy?


Hypnotherapy is a method wherein a trance is brought about in the mind of an individual which is characterized by heightened attention and focus. In this subconscious trance, the hypnotherapist guides them in releasing negative and limiting thoughts, opinions, beliefs that may have been established from their traumatic incidents. Through hypnotherapy, they can access an arena of the mind that is beyond consciousness capabilities where positive affirmations can be built. Studies have shown that hypnotherapy is as successful as some other psychotherapy treatments for PTSD. One proved that hypnotherapy has had a positive impact on subjects who suffered from combat-related PTSD, while another has shown that it has long-lasting positive effects

How does hypnotherapy help overcome PTSD


The trance-like mental state achieved by hypnosis gives controlled access to traumatic memories. The incidents are processed and replayed in a safe environment to change how the client perceives and deals with them. All the negative effects and feelings associated with it can finally be released. It also guides them through a behavior modification program where they are taught to replace negative reactions with positive ones, how to recognize triggers and how to manage their consequences. A reconstruction of those memories can be done with the help of the therapist. Self-restoration is a major thing that hypnotherapy does; parts of the individual that were lost or broken due to the disturbance are reclaimed and the client is made to feel whole again. They are no longer prisoners to their past. Hypnotherapy helps in healing the triggers which is important as it treats the problem right at its core.

Here we can see how problems of the mind are sometimes the root cause of physical problems our body faces. For an ideal healthy mind and body, a smooth collaboration of the two is needed. To learn more, watch Dr. Yuvraj Kapadia talk about how hypnotherapy solves health issues, brought to you by Team Illuminations in Dubai. For stress management solutions, stress management therapy and hypnotherapy course, Dubai based wellness center Illuminations is the place to visit. In case you would like to be on the other side, helping people ease their stress and pain, there’s hypnotherapy training in Dubai available as well. Visit our website to know more!

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