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How Hypnosis Can Resolve Your Insomnia Issues

You’re lying in bed with your eyes closed, but your mind won’t stop working. You’ve probably touched on every topic, from the endless meetings at work to the numerous household chores you have to do the next day. You’re exhausted and need sleep to get through this hectic life, but how can you manage all these things with sleepless nights? Well, here are some ways, brought to you by well-being center Illuminations in Dubai, to help you get a better grip on your life.

How to identify if you have insomnia


Chances are you’ve experienced nights when your brain won’t shut off and you feel nervous and anxious all around. Stressing about the fight you had with your partner or family gives you undue tension and this replays in your mind over and over again. Insomnia is a common condition that results in difficulty falling asleep at night, ongoing worries about rest, unrefreshed mind state in the mornings, waking up during the night, daytime tiredness, increased mistakes, irritability, depression or anxiety. As you feel tired as soon as you wake up, your outlook on the day automatically darkens leading to a reduction in your work performance and quality of life. Sometimes, people experience this for short term phases, which is termed as acute insomnia but some people suffer from long term insomnia as well, called chronic insomnia.

Getting the right amount required for sleep is very difficult as we are surrounded by numerous stressors and the ever-present electronic gadgets distract us from this goal. Sleep is an important element for a healthy lifestyle, right up there with exercise and diet. Sleep requirements vary in each individual however, not getting enough sleep can have a drastic impact on your health, mood, and lifestyle. The underlying reason for your insomnia could be something simple like consumption of too much caffeine during the day or a psychological stressor that you subconsciously have not dealt with. The good thing is that all the negative effects of sleep deprivation can be cured and here’s Sarmistha Mitra, a spiritual psychologist and hypnotherapist from Team Illuminations, to guide you on How to sleep better.

What is Hypnosis and how can it help you heal your insomnia?


If you think you’re alone in this dilemma, think again. Sleeping issues are globally a problem that affects upto 45% of the world’s health and quality of life.  A more recent method to help battle sleep disorders has been hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is actually a helpful method that allows the body and the mind to relax into letting go of the anxiety that takes over their mind at nighttime. Some people are more suggestible; which means they are drawn into a hypnotic state more easily. While you are in this trance-like state, your mind is heightened with more focus and concentration. Hypnotherapy helps increase your slow-wave sleep (deep sleep) which is the key to feeling restored and well-rested. Unlike how every stereotype of hypnosis looks with a swinging pendulum in the background, the method of hypnotherapy is quite different.

A hypnotherapist usually gives verbal cues that put you in a hypnotic state in a soft, soothing voice using words like ‘relax’, ‘let go’, etc. This creates a situation for you to help turn your mind off and push your body to a more relaxed state, hoping to promote sleep. It helps overcome restlessness, anxiety and irregular sleeping patterns to reach a place of deeper and restorative sleep. Another method known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming helps to modify the subconscious programming of our minds and better understand your thought patterns and behavior. This is an action-based approach and is useful to treat stress, anxiety, sleep disorders and increase the overall quality of life. The goal of this method is to recognize counter-productive behavior patterns and to change them for the healing process to start. For more details on Neuro linguistic programming, Dubai– based well being center Illuminations is the place to visit.


In order to reach this paradoxical state of hypnotherapy and much more, Illuminations in Dubai offers a variety of services related to hypnosis such as hypnotherapy training courses in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, & hypnotherapy private sessions in our holistic healing centers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Among the people who use hypnosis against sleep disorders, they usually see results in just a few sessions, thus in order to make real changes in your lifestyle, head on over to our website and book yourself a session soon.

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