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How to fix a broken relationship?

When your relationship is going through a rough patch, there are two ways in which you can handle the situation. Either abandon it or fix the misery. If you love your partner selflessly and whole-heartedly, then you would certainly choose the latter. Relationship counselling in Dubai vouches for the fact that communication is the key to mend a troubled or a broken relationship.

However, there are several other ways in which you can do a little hard work on your part to get the desired positive results.

We take a look-

  • Communicate (Listen)

As mentioned above, communication is the key to any successful relationship. However it is not just about expressing your feelings. It is also about listening. Active listening is an important part of communication. When either of you want to express your thoughts, the body language should show that you are willing to listen to your partner and refrain from interrupting. Always wait for your turn to talk.

Some tips for a better communication

  • Face your partner
  • Make eye contact
  • Do not use the cell-phone, television which can prove a distraction.
  • Listen without an unbiased mind.
  • Collect your thoughts before you speak next.
  • Have a basic strong foundation of trust

Trust is the most important dimension between you and your partner. It is the building block of your relationship. Do not say something else and act something else. Be truthful and respectful towards your partner. If you are having a conflict, make sure you let him/her know.

  • Admit your mistake

The age old proverb,” to err is human” is an intrinsic part of our lives. You can never be all the time ‘right’ in any kind of situation. If you have made a mistake admit it, do not go into self-protection or worse an egoistic battleground. Couple counselling session in Dubai suggests that most of the problems arise due to ego clashes between two people and their inability to handle the situation.

  • Do a fun activity together

A mundane life can make you a nervous wreck and subsequently create havoc in your relationship. Do a small fun activity together, to ease the tension. It can be from anything from talking a small walk, going out for a ride or simply having a cup of coffee and sharing out your feelings.

  • Pay attention to your partner’s feelings

Neuro Linguistics Programming in Dubai also put forth that showing empathy is sure way of having a smooth relationship. Putting you in someone else’s shoes and thinking from their perspective.

  • Spend some time away from each other

Yes, that’s right! Too much of anything is bad! The proverb, “distance makes the heart grow fonder “cannot be more apt for this situation. Sure you both are partners, but both of you are individuals first. Indulge in something which you like to do exclusively (a job, a hobby, a trip) you will return back more rejuvenated and with a fresh mind to think and talk over.

No relationship is ever perfect. It is always a work in progress. As a couple, you are likely to face ups and downs which is absolutely normal. However you should be able to resolve them with an open mind, patience and maturity.

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