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How a self-care ritual can have positive effects on your mental health

Are there times in your life when you miss your freedom so much that you just want to run away from all kinds of responsibilities? Oftentimes we get so busy meeting deadlines and prioritizing our career that we end up compromising our wellbeing.

A lot of us also forget to take care of ourselves because of the mental conditioning to always be there for others. It’s important to say ‘No’ or say ‘Yes’ when you truly mean it, otherwise, it’s just an obligation and not an act of personal choice. That’s when you need a Self-care therapy that lets you take your power back whilst dealing with complex life situations in the most balanced way possible.

What is a Self-Care Ritual?

A Self-care ritual is a regime or daily routine one sets to prioritize their wellbeing. Self-care teaches you to give yourself valuable time and energy as much as you give to others. 

The Ritual could include anything that helps you de-stress, rejuvenate, and uplift your mood. Be it positive affirmations in the morning, a bathing ritual, a meditation session, or spending time doing your favorite hobbies, or even using calming aromatherapy products can significantly enhance one’s energy levels and help improve their mental health.

Importance of a Self-Care Ritual:

It’s only when you help yourself is when you can help others, therefore in this era of hustle culture, it’s vital that you are in the best of spirits. So, here’s how a self-care ritual can have positive effects on your mental health – 

1. Reduced Anxiety & Better Sleep Quality: Aiding your needs and following a dedicated self-care ritual improves one’s energy levels as it gives you the much-needed ‘Me-time’. Guided Meditation Apps, Warm Baths, and using essential oils greatly improve sleep quality and reduce mental clutter. Creating a Habit tracker, Daily Journal, etc. can give you clarity of mind and confidence to live a stress-free organized life, thus reducing unwanted anxiety.

2. Better Self-Control & Higher Productivity: Having a self-care ritual imparts a sense of control as you become more aware of your choices and exercise them wisely. It is common to experience increased productivity, creativity, and self-control as the focus of self-care is on prioritizing one’s needs and not complying as per others’ desires.

3. Improves Your Physical Health: While health is a subjective concept, self-care does trigger a relaxation response. A lot of the physical ailments we have today are connected to the way we think based on the thoughts stored in our subconscious mind. Given the fierce competition and rising levels of stress, one should ensure their mind-body-spirit works in tune with their lifestyle.

How to Create Your Self-Care Ritual?

Here’s the fun part! Make a list of all self-care activities you enjoy, which are achievable and relaxing. It could be nature walks, exercising and eating healthy, using wellness essentials such as bath salts, decluttering your space, mantra meditation, baking, playing, doodling, etc. Now simply, allot some conscious time in the day to mindfully focus on 1-2 of these activities to de-stress and leave behind your worries for a while. These will manifest as healthy habits in your life and eventually become a ritual you don’t want to live without. 

Which self-care ritual would you recommend to someone who is new to this? Let us know in the comments below. #LiveLight


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10.Soniyaa Kiran Punjabi-min

Soniyaa Kiran Punjabi

Founder of Illuminations & Hypnotherapist

Soniyaa Kiran Punjabi is the founder of Illuminations Well-being, Hypnotherapist, Holistic Wellness Coach, & Corporate Trainer. Illuminations, with 3 centers in the UAE and a formidable online presence, has touched the lives of more than 35000 people by helping them tap into their highest potential and become the best version of themselves. To know about our latest services, you can check our Events calendar, or connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Meetup. 

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