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How A Life Coach Can Help You Become the Best Version of Yourself!

How A Life Coach Can Help You Become the Best Version of Yourself!

If you were aspiring to become one of the best athletes in the world, hiring a good coach would definitely increase your likelihood of success. Similarly, if your goal was to improve in other aspects of life, could a life coach be a beneficial solution?

As the name suggests, a life coach is a trained expert who can guide you through a journey of empowerment. He or she helps the client clearly visualize their goals for improvement, and aid in developing concrete action plans to accomplish them. These plans are tailored according to the individual’s personality, vision, and aims. Similar to a sports coach, a life coach ensures that you have all the tools necessary to succeed. This can include increasing confidence levels, helping you manage stress, providing strategies to improve efficiency or ensuring high levels of intrinsic motivation, to name a few.

Life coaching is becoming an increasingly popular approach to reach one’s goals. Celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Hugh Jackman, and Leonardo Dicaprio swear by their life coaches and even credit a lot of their successes to them!

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work

Life coaching stems from a fundamental faith in human beings- the belief that every individual has the ability to determine and achieve their goals.

The process involves understanding what you want, where you are right now, what resources you have, what additional resources you might need to reach your goals, creating a tangible action plan and keeping yourself motivated to follow it through. The life coach assists you through each step of the journey and acts as a model for successful behavior.

Coaching sessions that are conducted at Illuminations Well Being Centre in Dubai typically last around 45-60 minutes, on a weekly basis, but can be adapted according to the client’s needs. As per a survey conducted by the International Coach Federation, 94.3% of all coaching sessions occur over the phone. However, face to face or online sessions are also popular and equally effective.

Is it Different from Counselling/Therapy?

Is it Different from Counselling,Therapy

Although Life Coaching and Counselling seem similar, they differ from one another at a fundamental level. The process of counseling involves examining past life events to form a diagnosis so as to clinically treat an individual. A life coach, on the other hand, helps in analyzing the current situation and behavior and creates strategies to improve upon them. One of the goals of counseling is to foster a greater understanding of oneself and their subconscious. Alternatively, the major aim of life coaching is a tangible increase in productivity, success or satisfaction through actions and their results.

Can a Life Coach Help with Monotony?

Can a Life Coach Help with Monotony

No matter how hard we try, life can begin to get a little dreary every now and then. Following the same routine day in and day out can begin to take its toll. A life coach can help pull us out of the rut of regularity. Boredom typically occurs because of frustration or a lack of activity in life at the moment. A life coach can help achieve the kind of life you envision for yourself. They provide the small push required to take the first step towards change, which can be terrifying to do alone.

Is Life Coaching for Me?

Is Life Coaching for Me

Individuals seek life coaches to help with various aspects of life. These can include achieving career goals, managing finances, improving relationships, being healthy, dealing with the stress and monotony of everyday life, or self-growth. Research has shown that 80% of clients have improved their self-confidence, 73% have improved their relationships and 67% have improved their work-life balance. Regardless of what area of life you want to work on life coaching can lead to promising results. A life coach can help you maximize your potential, and become the best possible version of yourself.

The life you deserve is one ‘life coach’ away. To book a session with one of our expert live coaches contact Illuminations Well Being Centre in JLT or Mirdif. For those who are interested in exploring alternative career options as a life coaching practitioner, you might be interested to enroll in our popular NLP Life Coaching Certification Course at Illuminations in Dubai!

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