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Healing the Sufi Way

Sufism is the path of walking towards ultimate truth of existence that is love. The divine is full of love and through the path of Sufism we walk towards divine and become one with the ultimate love. We selflessly experience and actualize this path with a clear intention to be truth, being completely devoted in the journey.

As we move in life we notice our core belief systems being reflected in our interactions with people, situations, and circumstances. For example, if a person believes they are helpless, they constantly find themselves with bosses, partners, friends who takes their power and makes them feel more helpless, thereby making it more real. Our core belief systems are formed in early life and also through different experience across lifetimes. They stay in our mind and keep creating different realities for us unless we become aware of them and choose to let these belief system go.

We have many belief systems, not healthy ones, about important areas of life like relationships, money, health, body. About 80 percent of these belief systems are hidden in our subconscious mind. We have unpleasant experiences in people and situations, which are actually the creation of these faulty belief systems and we call this fate.

It’s totally possible to throw these belief systems out and live a more fulfilling life through our conscious creation and letting go of all the lies (negative beliefs) we bought as real in this life.

Thereby walking the path of truth, that is conscious creation of life as we go by.

In Sufism, we get to experience trance states through Sufi meditations where we energetically release subconscious blockages and feel freer. The techniques are beautiful and simple but brings about profound results. Sufism is life itself!

We get a deeper understanding of ‘Nafs’ or ego mind and how to overpower nafs with love. The Sufis have define heart in four layers, know this timeless and spiritual perspective on all aspects of life specially for understanding romantic relationships by understanding the different levels of Nafs. When we operate from ego mind or nafs, we hurt, blame, and punish, our partners because we are ourselves deeply hurt. We need to learn how to not operate from hurt but rather operate from truth and love.

Sufism is an invitation for you to open up your heart towards truth and love while being consciously present in your life, loving it and joyfully being you!