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Healing Holidays with Illuminations!

Holidays are strategically placed between workdays to give us the much- needed ‘break’ we deserve. We spend so much time organizing our schedules, planning our trips, choosing our destination, selecting sites to visit and signing up for activities we can do during a vacation. And its all for one goal; to relax, unwind and rejuvenate from our stressful hectic lives.

And what better way is there to maximize on a holiday than a Spiritual Healing Retreat? And no, this does not mean additional stress to find an ideal location, hotels, meditation and yoga classes etc. Spiritual Healing Retreats are one-stop journeys of outer and inner transformation, taking you to beautiful cultural and spiritually enriched sites for an experience of healing and wellbeing!

Illuminations Holistic Healing and Wellbeing Centre maps out such a retreat into a world of mind-body-soul pampering! The retreat involves a series of healing workshops & activities, facilitating a renewed self-relationship of peace, harmony and balance. The space gives you a chance to reconnect with your inner powers and resources while being surrounded by the energy of picturesque landscapes, where material and spiritual development happen together.

Healing Holidays with Illuminations!

“ I had some wonderful healing sessions during group work and the day we climbed the Tiger Nest Monastery was a highlight for me as I released many of my issues during my hike, spending a wonderful couple of hours with close friends within the Monastery and had nurturing conversations up and down the mountain.” shares LB as she reminiscences about her time at the Bhutan retreat in February 2015. She explained how the journey started with a group she did not know, and by the end of it she felt connected with each and every person and went home feeling “ amazing, great, liberated but most of all happy and fearless!”. The retreats combine the environment, group and the facilitation, to create a unique experience of reconnection with your self and others.

Denis Murphy, the Fearless Living Facilitator who leads the retreat, is one of the world’s finest energy healers. He uses the latest mind-body medicine and energy techniques to release emotional and physical pain as well as creative blockages. Combining energy work, shamanism and spiritual insight, his approach is based on taking 100% responsibility for your life!

This transforms a simple vacation into a journey of self-discovery, to unleash your most empowering potential, against the landscape of a paradise.

It’s not all sitting and meditating under trees but also a very dynamic and fearless experience of liberation. There are exploratory activities, nature walks, village emersions and adventure sports!

Stay updated with the upcoming retreats like a Shamanic Soul Journey Retreat in Sri Lanka this July and a Spiritual Healing Retreat this October in Burma. Visit the Illuminations retreat page for more details.

So as soon as your holiday schedule comes out, sign up for one of these retreats in exotic and breathtaking destinations all over the world that assist in self-discovery & inner transformation. These self-enriching get-away, aims at rekindling the most important relationship of your life – a relationship with you!

Healing Holidays with Illuminations!