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Clear the Clutter, Close the Chapter & Get Set for the New Year!

Clear the Clutter, Close the Chapter & Get Set for the New Year!

There is something so magical about this time of the year! It is filled with festivities and celebrations, and yet in the midst of all this action there lies within us a desire for reflection and change, a desire for new leaps and bounds.

It really is the time to Clear the Clutter, Close the Chapter & Get Set for the New Year!

Let’s pause for a moment and take in this idea. You would agree with me, that to welcome anything new in life, be it materialistic or our emotional experiences, growth or relationships; we first need to make space for it. The ideal way to do create this space is by letting go of the old, and to let go of anything from our lives with ease we need to find the clarity and vision in our minds and heart. Its like, to make way for happiness, we need to let go of the grudges, to make way for the abundance we need to let go of the lack mindset, to attract a healthy relationship we need to release the past unhealthy ones … and so on!

So lets get set for the new year with a few simple processes that can move you from a cluttered space to where you want to be!

Clear the Clutter, Close the Chapter & Get Set for the New Year!

There’s a popular quote which says “ whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve” This is huge! It helps us understand that our mind is a power center that should always be used to our advantage. If our mind is unknowingly overloaded with thoughts from our past and worries or anxieties of the future it cannot take us to the heights we can be at in the present. Our first task is to clear the mind of old patterns and strings of thoughts that drain us. It is a good idea to weed the limiting beliefs so we can focus on positive thoughts that help us grow and evolve. For some people, this can be done with awareness and constant reminders to self but some of us may need more focused techniques such as

  • Meditation and Mindfulness Techniques – These daily practices help us to go within and practice living in the Now. When we can train the mind to be fully in the present – it starts to disconnect from thoughts patterns and start to live fully in each moment. This creates so much calm and stillness within as we move along the day!
  • Hypnotherapy – This is a tried and tested practice of tapping into the subconscious mind. Of the many things that the subconscious mind does, a vital role it plays is of storing all of our experiences in life. Our thinking, our patterns, our choices- are all influenced by this powerful mind space. You may notice that many times we consciously want to feel positive but something within makes us very sad and we can’t really put a finger on what causes it!!  Sometimes we feel we have outgrown our childhood painful experiences or traumas but in reality, we are clinging onto certain memories or value systems that in-fact limit us- hypnotherapy is a perfect tool to set us free from these clutches and bring us into a positive space in life.
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming – Another powerful approach to clear the mental clutter and chatter. NLP processes and exercises can help us find more clarity and work towards releasing the blocks that keep us down. 

The beauty of clarity and the awareness that comes with it sows the seeds for transformational healing to occur which then takes us to the next level of our growth!

2 – Finding Closure-min

To gain momentum towards newer avenues it is vital that we consciously choose to put an end to all those pending chapters of our life- be it those lingering unwanted relationships or some limiting beliefs that hold us back, perhaps even some traumatic experiences that continue to drain our energy.  Once again it is best to exercise this closure rather than just think about it! So a few great recommendations would be

  1. Forgiveness Exercise There is no better relief than the true feeling of forgiving and moving on from the past or painful experiences. This exercise can include writing a final letter with all suppressed feelings and then physically tearing and burning the pieces of paper to ashes. The smoke that emanates takes away all aspects of that pain.
  2. Energy Exchange and Cord Cutting:   There are many forms of therapies that can offer a very cathartic experience to release pent-up energy including Hypno-drama, psycho-drama, Inner child healing and more… these work towards cutting off all energetic cords that result in burying the triggers that challenge your peace and calm.

This kind of inner work is the ideal stepping stone to march ahead with ease and joy that there is no looking back. It’s now time to get set for the new year!

Clear the Clutter, Close the Chapter & Get Set for the New Year!

Energy flows where attention goes and thus focusing on the energy and emotion of gratitude can open up the doors for more to be grateful towards in the days to come! This is a perfect time to set in your intentions, resolutions, and goals for the New year. Like always there is no one set way do this but am sharing a few fun options to get you started!

  1. Gratitude Journal–It is one of the best daily practices to have. Spend a few minutes every day in a calm meditative space and write down as many points or pages you can- expressing gratitude for your life- be it being grateful for your health,food, family, friends, job or any area of your life. By doing this activity your energy vibrates with appreciation and helps you attracts more of the things you are grateful for – so a perfect time to list your intentions.
  2. Goal Setting Exercise – You can write down key points that you wish to achieve in the coming year in a short, medium and long-term timeline. The more you break it down the easier it gets for you.  Review this list often to make necessary changes as they unfold. A secret here is that you must align this list with your gratitude list for faster results!
  3. Focus on Wellness in Mind and Body– A happy and healthy mind leads to a healthy body and happy experiences in life!  Find the time to feel good and stay healthy. Make conscious choices and invest in a Happier You. A few options that can raise your energy and help you live with clarity!
    • Yoga and Meditation classes to strengthen your practice and keep you motivated.
    • Mindfulness practices to live everyday life.
    • Energy Alignment and Sound Healing Experiences to keep the Chakras (Energy Body) active and flowing.
    • Invest in a Wellness Retreat if you would like an immersive healing experience

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Bharti illuminations

Bharti Jatti Varma

Hypnotherapist & Wellness Coach

Bharti is a holistic therapist conducting various services on behalf of Illuminations Well-Being Center in Dubai.

Bharti’s passion and communication skills make her extremely popular in front of larger audiences! She is also a chosen favorite with corporate programs due to her ability and flexibility to connect to anyone and everyone!

With a Background in Psychology and a keen interest to explore the intricacies of the human mind, body and energy system, she began her study in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Response and Energy Healing Approaches.