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Future predictions: Mumbo Jumbo or the Real Deal?

Have you ever experienced that sudden realization that this was how it was supposed to happen all along? Maybe it was destined to be carried out in this manner. You’ve come to realize that the warm, fuzzy, gut-feeling which drives and guides all your instincts and thoughts is inherent within you. Do you believe that our lives could be mapped out and decided with this ever-present inbuilt intuition? This minute but valuable interpretation is what astrology helps breaks down and explains. Astrology analyzes the beginning to the end and provides you with answers on how the past, present and future events will take place.

What is Scientific Astrology?


As Greenstone Black, a scientific astrologist from Team Illuminations explains, Scientific Astrology is the method when all the 12 planets are used and understood to explain a holistic picture of an individual’s life. It relies on all these planets for the 12 zodiac signs in order to get an accurate result. It maps out your birth chart which is like a selfie shot of how the planets were placed in the system the minute you were born. The aim of astrology is to go beyond the grasp modern sciences have on our minds. As all living beings are made up of energy, this process helps us widen and perceive greater movements and shifts that connect us to our higher selves.

How does Astrology predict our future?


Astrology can be used in a variety of methods. It can be used to be predictive; reading into the movements of the planets tells us more about what lies ahead. On the other hand, it can be diagnostic, where it analyses and helps us understand why a particular illness or circumstance has taken place in our lives. An example of this would be where someone who has done everything right, from listening to his elders to choosing a stable career and getting married at the right time, still does not feel content or happy in his life and questions why. Some people use it as a measure for making important or life-changing decisions such as finding the right time to get engaged or move to a different city. The simplest form of its applicability is when people read through newspapers or websites, looking for answers to one’s basic nature and personality. With horoscope readings, they try their best to decide if this career choice or partner is the right fit for their lives. It has been ascertained that astrology has 30% accuracy as found out by spiritual research methodology.

When and why do people turn towards Astrology?


The concept of the sky having a predetermined map of how our lives are going to turn out is a fascinating idea for everyone. In the science of spirituality, it is believed that destiny is that part of our life which has already been decided before we are born. This issue is inherently spiritual and is beyond the comprehension of logic, intellectual and objective proof. It is based in a space of energy, power and pull which guides our actions and behaviors. This power can help stressful situations become easier to deal with and can induce calmness in an individual.

When things are going haywire and some outside guidance is needed, astrology provides a stronghold that revives people’s faith and helps them not lose hope. With this method, they can envision the bigger picture and continue on their life’s journey into further success. The divine plan instills some sort of direction when people are unsure about their circumstances.


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