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Exploring Spirituality & Reconnecting with Your Inner Self!

Spirituality is a mysterious word that we come across every now and then. Sometime it can make us feel motivated and inspired to start living light on a higher plane and at times a little confused as we try to understand its true meaning and gauge our own journey so far on the path of spirituality!

There are many beliefs that color the world of spirituality; each one of us defines this space in a unique way. To some it means being selfless and devoting, others find detaching from physical pleasures as a way to spirituality.

We often hear people referring to their growth as “evolving spiritually” and this makes one believe that spirituality is a place outside of ourselves that we need to evolve and attain; however another perspective with which I like to understand spirituality is the journey of returning home, centering in and reconnecting to that deepest part of self that reflects our true spirituality; we are in-fact spiritual beings living a physical experience.

Exploring Spirituality & Reconnecting with Your Inner Self!

4 Powerful Ways to Reconnect with Your Spiritual Self!

Irrespective of how you chose to understand it or where you find yourself on this beautiful journey, a few simple reminders will help you reconnect with your truest spiritual self

  1. Spend at least 10 minutes in silence with yourself everyday as you observe your thoughts with compassion
  2. Chose to hold onto light and positive thoughts on an ongoing basis.
  3. Be present in every moment and activity you indulge in everyday be it eating, working, spending time with friends and family
  4. Spend a few hours in nature every week.

These easy and simple choices will help you center in and become one with your innate nature of the spiritual being that you truly are!

Exploring Spirituality & Reconnecting with Your Inner Self!