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quit smoking therapy in Dubai

Does hypnotherapy help people who are trying to stop smoking?

Quitting smoking is easier said than done, right? From nicotine patches to gums and counselling programs, there are scores of alternatives people try to let go of this life-threatening habit. Among these alternatives, a popular de-addiction therapy in Dubai is Hypnotherapy. The question that people have in mind while choosing hypnosis as a quit smoking therapy in Dubai is whether it is really effective.

The thing about all these approaches is, there is no sure-shot way of knowing which approach works the best. Some people find a single way better while some swear by a combination of these methods. The same applies to the application of Hypnotherapy to assist people in their attempt to quit smoking. Though studies have shown that Hypnosis does help people to get rid of this unhealthy habit, the only way to find out its effectiveness is to attend a hypnotherapy course in Dubai.

How does hypnotherapy work?

In order to understand how hypnosis helps you alter your smoking addiction, it is essential to know how this therapy works. This popular De-Addiction Therapy in Dubai can be experienced at numerous centres. Most of the hypnotherapy courses in Dubai define Hypnotherapy as the process of putting your mind into a trance-like condition in which you are more willing to listen to suggestions such as the one to quit smoking. The quit smoking therapy in Dubai applies hypnotherapy for smoking cessation by making the patient imagine the negative and unpleasant experiences associated with it.

What is the method used by De-Addiction Therapy in Dubai?

De-Addiction Therapy in Dubai also uses the popular self-hypnosis affirmation technique in which the smoker is taught how to hypnotise himself every time he or she feels the desire to smoke and is asked to repeat affirmations such as ‘Smoking poisons the body’ over and over until they get rid of the desire.

Hypnotherapy is a science that is based on the functioning of our nervous system. Our brain receives sensory input in the form of touch, smell, feelings, etc. and this sensory input creates a conscious impression upon the brain. Each time we respond to an input or stimulus, the brain records our response and replicates the response the next time we receive a similar stimulus. So, if you smoke when you feel stressed, every time your brain receives the stress input signal, it makes you crave for the nicotine. That is what makes the process to quit so difficult. The De-Addiction Therapy in Dubai and Depression therapy in Dubai make use of Hypnotherapy to break this cycle and ultimately help you quit smoking.

In what way does hypnotherapy make you quit smoking?

How, you ask? Hypnotherapy simply helps your brain to disconnect and reframe your response to stimuli so that the next time you feel that particular stimuli, the brain will no longer formulate a response which makes you want to pick up that cigarette. In short, once you complete the quit smoking therapy in Dubai, ideally your mind is not supposed to react automatically in a way that makes you want to smoke even when you experience your smoking trigger.

The deaddiction therapy in Dubai which uses Hypnotherapy usually involves multiple hour-long sessions between the hypnotherapist and the patient. Patients have been shown to display positive results typically after the first four or five sessions. However, the response to this treatment varies from person-to-person and the sessions can continue as long as you feel the need.