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Do you need to break up with your partner…or break out of your unhealthy behavior patterns?

Have you ever fallen so hard in love it makes you feel ecstatic, only for it to come crashing down because of a fight? Do you question every decision you have made that led to this moment, wondering if your relationship is just utterly doomed? Are thoughts of breaking up with your significant other flooding your mind, but you’re not even sure why? If you find yourself answering any of the questions with a resounding yes, maybe there is an underlying pattern of your own habits that might be leading to a constant state of dread when it comes to relationships. Resident hypnotherapist and mind-science practitioner at Illuminations, Arpita Mitra Gupta takes a look at some negative behavioral patterns below.

Unrealistic expectations from the relationship


If you grew up waiting for your knight in armor to come and sweep you off of your feet, or for the stereotypical ‘cool girl’, you have probably formed ideas of your ideal relationship, without realizing that your expectations from your partner are completely unrealistic. One good way to identify if your expectations are realistic is to step back and think of what you do when confronted with your significant other’s flaws for the first time. Are you taken aback but mostly unfazed, or do you consider running in the opposite direction at top speed? Do you try to understand why these flaws exist and how you could deal with them, or is it just easier for you to snap, scream, and/or ignore them, with the hope that they will just go away? Maybe you enjoy it when your partner showers you with love and affection, but you find it more difficult to be available when they want the same, because it feels like a lot of effort, and you expected it to be easy. If any of the above situations ring a bell, it is likely that you have unrealistic expectations for a happy relationship.

Transferring the blame          


A famous saying states, “It takes two to tango.” It is important to look within yourself and ask yourself if you find it easy to own up to your mistakes. Very often, one ends up blaming his/her partner for a relationship gone sour. It is a common mistake to assume that you have been completely wronged and had no part to play in the state of your relationship. Once you identify your weaknesses and flaws, and how they can contribute towards problems in the relationship, you are in a better position to understand if the relationship can work out or if you must break up.

Reacting instead of Responding & Communicating During a conflict


Often, your reaction to conflict can determine if your relationship is a happy and healthy one or if it is constantly in a state of turmoil. Sometimes, one ignores problems, hoping for them to magically cease to exist; sometimes, one screams at their partner instead of communicating their feelings respectfully; sometimes, one gives their partner the cold shoulder, in the form of ‘silent treatment’. None of the above reactions offers any concrete solution and has a tendency to aggravate the situation further. On the other hand, articulating how you feel and being open to what your partner feels, can make your relationship go the distance.

Learn How you can break out of these negative behavior with us at Illuminations Well-Being Center


All of us at some level is conscious of the steps we need to take in order to resolve our unhealthy behavior patterns that are sabotaging our relationship. But because these behaviors are supported by deep-rooted beliefs from childhood, it is a lot more difficult for us to use our conscious logic to overcome them. This is where relationship counseling involving different therapy and healing methods can come a long way to not only change your behavior but also make you so much more aware of the reality that you create with your thoughts and emotions.

Our relationship counseling therapy program at Illuminations Well-Being Center in Dubai & Abu Dhabi offers singles and couples the opportunity to avail and experience an integrated approach of bringing together powerful and effective holistic healing approaches such as psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, NLP, Mindfulness and so much more.


Counseling and therapy can help you dive deeper into the issues you face with your partner. Illuminations offer relationship counseling in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Couples’ therapy in Dubai and Abu Dhabi has become widely accepted and practiced in the last few years, with more and more couples seeking to confide in professionals to help them revive their relationship.


Sometimes instead of breaking up and letting go of the relationship, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate and let go of the beliefs that hold you back from unhappy relationships!

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