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Do I Really Need Therapy To Resolve My Fears

Do I Really Need Therapy To Resolve My Fears?

Fear is an intense, unpleasant reaction to potentially threatening stimuli. From an evolutionary point of view, fear helps to elongate our life span. It helps us survive by warning us against menacing situations. However, there are times when this adaptive function goes into overdrive- increasing rather than reducing our problems. Fear is a very powerful emotion, and it’s quickly generalized from one situation to all similar situations. For example, the death of a loved pet in our childhood could develop into an all-encompassing fear of loss as we grow older.

Our fears are learned responses to scary situations we may have encountered in the past. As a child, we only have two types of fears- a fear of falling and a fear of loud noises. All the rest of our fears stem from these. Their development is aided by our environment and experiences. Some of the most common types of fears are fear of loss, fear of public speaking, fear of flying, fear of heights, fear of water and fear of rejection.

Why Would I Need Therapy?

As Einstein says, a problem can never be solved at the level of its creation!

Therapy and Counseling allow you to explore, identify and observe your fear in a safe environment. They also provide effective long term solutions so that you can resolve your fears once and for all.

If fears are such a common part of our functioning, why would we require counseling for them? Soniyaa Kiran Punjabi, a certified holistic therapist, and founder of Illuminations Well Being Centre in Dubai explains how the most common way people think they can overcome their fears is by ‘facing them’. While this can be helpful in some situations, it can also worsen the phobia. She explains this idea with a helpful example.

Why Would I Need Therapy

Assume you have a ‘Fear of Commitment’. Agreeing to get married could be one way of ‘facing this fear’. However, if your earlier emotions, experiences and anxiety triggers have not been healthily dealt with, certain destructive behaviors could emerge, and could ultimately result in heartbreak or misery. Moreover, if facing our fears does not lead to positive occurrences, it could negatively reinforce our fears, and start a downward spiral.

What Happens In Therapy?

Illuminations Well Being Centre, situated in both JLT and Mirdif, uses various scientific approaches to help you work through your fears. Our highly trained therapists engage in different powerful techniques to lessen the hold fear can have over your life. These approaches include Psychotherapy and Counselling, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, NLP, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Emotional Intelligence, and Life Coaching.

During the initial complimentary consultation, your therapist will help you understand which approach will work best for you based on your personality, your fears, their triggers and the associations you have made with the fear stimuli. Choosing an approach that is right for you helps ensure that you reap maximum benefits from the sessions. They will also aid you in identifying what events are triggering the fear now. After, the initial assessment the therapist will create a clear systematic plan which involves a powerful combination of the techniques mentioned above to ensure that the client reaches a space of resolution within 3-5 sessions.

What Happens In Therapy

Another popular technique is Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Unlike traditional forms of therapy, which take you back to the origin of the fears, CBT is a solution based approach. The client is encouraged to challenge distorted thinking patterns and perceptions and to transform destructive behavior patterns.

CBT has based on the premises that our behavior is a result of our thoughts and perceptions. Feeling distressed, in some cases, may distort one’s perception of reality. CBT identifies limiting thought patterns and provides powerful tools to overcome them.

You will also be taught various coping & healing techniques to help you calm and steady yourself on your own. The ultimate goal of the therapy is to help you understand and manage your emotions.

You will seldom find someone who is ‘not afraid of anything’. Fear is a very natural part of our lives. However, if you feel like your fears are stopping you from achieving your goals, or are hindering you from going about your daily activities, contact Illuminations Well Being Centre in Dubai to book your free consultation today!

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