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Depression: What You Need to Know

Depression is one of the less discussed but rather serious issue in present day’s scenario. Ever felt you have to force yourself out of your bed every morning and do things that no longer interest you. Feeling that you have to put up a smiling face and face the world when inside all you want to do is scream or stay alone in your room.

If you are feeling sadness more frequently and very little things truly makes you happy then talking about this to a therapist is a good idea right now. Depression on the surface looks to be a simple mood issue but it’s like a demon which if left unattended consumes every bit of sunshine from your mind and you feel enveloped in a blanket of sadness.


Depression can affect people at any age group. From kids who are 8 years old to teenagers, adults, older adults, it can affect anyone regardless of age and gender. For some people the cause of depression is known while for a lot others even the cause is unknown to them.

Depression requires professional therapy from a therapist and also social support. Some people would recover from depression sooner than others. Everyone comes with a unique story and that’s why the approach how we heal them varies.

In my experience of working with depression, I witnessed old traumas surfacing which once healed, helped people move on and start feeling happier again. Some people had to free themselves of unresolved guilt and regrets, while others had to free themselves of a long unresolved grief. As every person comes with a different story, every therapy approach changes to identify, explore and heal them.

The job of a therapist is to support the person who is seeking their help and eventually empower them enough for them to be on their own with…


At Illuminations, Dubai, seek support to combat depression. Notice your kids and other family members. If you see signs of depression, please connect to us and seek guidance as we are here to help and support you.