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What is Major Depression? The Signs, Symptoms & Treatment

One of the boons to be living in this day and age is the openness with which people can talk about mental illnesses without fear of stigmatization. With the tools and techniques, becoming democratized and sophisticated, depression treatment in Dubai is enabling many to come forth and seek help from health care professionals.

Like complex physical illnesses, depression, too, comes in many types and today we are going to talk about the most common one that is known to affect individuals of any age—major depression. It also goes by the names of Major Depressive Disorder and Clinical Depression.

What is Major Depression?

Major Depression is more than just feeling gloomy. It’s very natural to feel sad or low when one fails an exam, loses someone close to them, is going through a tumultuous divorce or generally when the outcomes of situations don’t play out the way he/she hoped for. But this feeling of ‘sadness’ is temporary and people, normally, spring back to their usual selves unlike with those who have major depression.

But imagine not being able to pull yourself out of that dejection for weeks, months, or worse—years together. Scary, isn’t it? But that’s exactly what people diagnosed with major depression feel and not only does it affect their mood and behavior but also wreak havoc on their sleep cycle and eating habits.

There can be several causes for major depression—it can arise from stress, for example, if a person is sacked out of the blue from his/her workplace and is worried sick about how they will make their ends meet or it could be an undesirable gene passed down from the previous generation. Clinical Depression is also common in those who have a history of childhood, emotional, physical or sexual abuse. People who consume excessive alcohol and drugs are also susceptible to major depression.

What are The Signs and Symptoms of Major Depression?

The dominant symptom of major depression is that of the relentless feeling of sadness. A sudden change in physiological patterns such as more or less sleeping and/or eating are the definite signs. A person may feel lethargic and unenthusiastic. He/she may not be able to concentrate on work and find handling normal tasks and small challenges impossible.

The inescapable feeling that people with major depression are afflicted with is that of being ‘good-for-nothing’, which can further lead to negative thoughts at best and suicidal thoughts at worst. In addition to this, major depression also includes the following signs and symptoms—

– Unprovoked irritability
– Indecisiveness
– Inability to connect with loved ones
– Edginess
– Loss of interest in work or activities one once looked forward to
– Feeling spiritless and tired out

Can Major Depression be Treated?

There is no dearth of depression therapy options in Dubai. And yes, the good news is—that major depression is very much treatable. Treatment for Major depression is prescribed after a preliminary examination of one’s condition. Medication, which primarily includes antidepressants and Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), psychotherapy with a therapist, and Reiki (in conjunction with other techniques and treatments).

If you are looking for Reiki healing in Dubai, you will be surprised to find that there are many seasoned practitioners who help patients relax and reduce the symptoms of major depression significantly over a period of time.

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