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Daily Self-Care Habits to Improve Your Mental and Emotional Health

Mental health plays a crucial role in living a balanced and active life; it impacts your behaviour, emotions and thoughts. Emotional health will not only boost your mental health, productivity and focus in routine work-life activities but also important parts of life such as decision making and relationships, which can be life-changing. According to health experts, nearly 80% of adults in UAE are stressed; which directly influences the emotional, psychological, physical and social well-being.

What does being mentally healthy mean? Does having no mental health issues make you mentally strong and healthy? Sadly no. Mental health and strength are much more than being free from depression, anxiety, and psychological issues. Mental health treatment in Dubai not only helps cure psychological problems but also helps clients achieve an active and healthy mind. A healthy mind represents focus, positivity, and clarity. When you have a healthy mind, you will experience:

  • A healthy work-life balance
  • A sense of contentment and passion for living
  • Ability to deal with stress
  • Openness to learning new skills and adopt change
  • Ability to build and maintain fulfilling relationships

Prioritizing self-care can help in maintaining mental health; however, though necessary, practicing self-care isn’t always easy. Busy schedules, stressful jobs, and technology addiction easily put exercise, healthy diet, and me-time last on our agenda. Here are some self-care habits to help you boost your mental health and lead to healthier and happier you!

5 Self-care habits to improve your mental health

1. Exercise


A regular exercise helps you not only keep fit and get in shape, but also keep depression at bay. A study done at University College London states that exercising three times a week will make you 16% less prone to being depressed.

2. Deal with procrastination


We all have our safe zone, and stepping out of our safe haven is nerve-wracking. It only makes us anxious and forces to delay or avoid certain tasks. The longer you shelve the task, the more nerve-wracking it can be. Ease your stress by listening to music, exercising, or meditation and then tackle the task with confidence.

3. Get sufficient sleep


Sleep is necessary to charge your body and mind for effective tomorrow. Your body can’t function properly, and you lack focus if you don’t get enough sleep. You may also consult prominent well-being centers such as Illuminations, which provides professional mental health treatment in Dubai for insomnia and other psychological disorders that can help you boost your mental health.

4. Limit the device-time


Smartphones, tablets, laptops and other electronic devices over-stimulate our brains. Considering the risk, they pose to our mental and physical well-being, many health experts recommend keeping electronic devices out of the room for a restful night. A mini-digital detox every week is the best way to be away from digital devices. It will do a huge favor to your mental health and also help control your smartphone addiction.

5. Make time for yourself


Juggling between work, family, and friends trying to make time for everyone often make you neglect yourself and procrastinate your much-needed me-time. Take out at least half an hour for yourself from a busy schedule. Take a walk, read your favorite book, go jogging or swimming, listen to music, give time to your hobbies, do things that you enjoy to keep you stress-free, boost your emotional health, and come back with charged body and mind.

3 Small changes that will lead to healthier and happier you!

1. Acknowledge your emotions


There’s nothing wrong in slowing down once in a while to deal with your emotions and issues. Doing so will make you strong and conscious. Instead of ignoring or suppressing your negative feelings, take time to process and acknowledge your destructive thoughts and negative emotions. It will help you think rationally, boost your emotional health, and control the damage these emotions do to your body and mind.

2. Learn to say ‘No’


In fear of being judged or hurting our loved ones, many of us often agree to things we really don’t want to do. It can be tough, but saying ‘No’ and setting limits on your professional, social, and personal time can actually help you deal with irritability from doing things forcefully and help you reduce underlying stress and anxiety. Ignoring the signs of burnout and putting aside your priorities, just because you’re too busy, only makes your emotional load heavier pushing you towards the mental breakdown.

3. Cherish your quiet time


Even 10 minutes of daily-quiet-time can help you improve your mental and emotional well-being. It is scientifically proven that regular meditation, pray, or keeping a diary help you focus inward. Psychologists and counselors at Illuminations Well Being Centre, Dubai encourage their patients to meditate, and most of them have often found meditating beneficial to boost emotional health and keep calm and focused while dealing with stressful events throughout the day.

A fit body, healthy mind and a house full of love cannot be bought- they must be earned. Professional mental health treatment in Dubai can be your first and essential step to achieve a healthy mind and joy for you and your loved ones.

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