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Cleansing Your Energies Before a Party Night

As the Middle Eastern summer returns to serve it’s sweltering term and weekdays move at an increasingly sluggish pace, coveted weekends become a much-needed source of respite. While snuggling in with take-out and your favorite DVD seems wonderfully appealing after an energy-draining week, here are few tips and tricks to cleanse your energies, remove any accumulated negativities, rejuvenate and get ready to indulge in some much needed socializing – be it formal or for fun.

  1. Watch what you eat during the day

While a large cup of coffee and a burger make for an appealing lunch choice; If you are to indulge later in some cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, opt for a garden legume salad, some dark chocolate and a pot of herbal tea instead. Along with their serotonin- boosting properties, they also help set a relaxing tone for the rest of the day.

  1. Yoga positions to instantly re-energize before a night out

Downward Facing Dog: This favorite is an all-round re-energizing pose as it relieves fatigue and tension in your shoulders and arms. Moreover it stretches your calves and hamstring muscles as well as your Achilles tendons, preparing your feet for a night of heels and extended periods of standing.

Standing Forward Bend: This pose helps send blood and oxygen to your face and head while calming your brain and relieving tension in the back muscles – much needed after a hectic day.

Bridge pose: This pose helps counteract all those hours of slumping over your computer while opening up the chest, neck and shoulders. It additionally opens up the abdomen and improves digestion as well.

  1. Chakra Balancing

Striking a perfect balance in all aspects is the key to living a vibrant life. When our inner energy system is imbalanced, it profoundly affects our emotional and physical wellbeing. A quick chakra balancing session, guided chakra meditation or a dynamic chakra dance is a surefire way to get those energies flowing and get you intrinsically and spiritually ready for the night ahead.

  1. Sea salt/essential poils aura cleansing bath

Before you put forward your brightest smile, make sure to take out some quality self-reflective time and why not spend it in a nice, long, luxurious and aura cleansing bath! Throw in some sea salt, essential oils such as patchouli and vetiver, burn some incense or candles and put on some soothing meditation music and just relax as you put in an affirmation to gently cleanse your soul, along with your body, of any negativities it might have picked up during the week.

  1. Creative visualization/Aura shielding

You’re finally ready for a night out, donned in your finest attire and basking in a glow that comes from within. Before you step out close your eyes and visualize yourself exuberating confidence and having a really enjoyable time at the party. Moreover, take a nice, long, deep breath and visualize around yourself a protection bubble to shield your aura,only penetrable to positive energy and higher vibrations and watch as you top off your personal energy and power!


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