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Care Based Hypnotherapy and De-addiction Treatment

Addictions initially starts as innocent and harmless but later becomes one of the most powerful demons in our life. We all have heard stories of how a family broke because one of the parent had a drug or alcohol addiction. Sometimes its addiction to gambling, porn or games.


In my practice as a hypnotherapist I had one case where a teenager was addicted to video games and would threaten his parents of suicide if they won’t let him play for as much as he wants. Oftentimes a person doesn’t realize how far they are gone in addiction, and by the time they realize that they are an addict it’s already too late for them to stop by themselves.Addiction takes hold of their entire routine in life. They change and alter their life to accommodate their addiction. It can affect their relationship with their partner, kids, family, and work.

One word to describe it is self control. Its loss of self control where some level of helplessness settles in and person realizes this habit might be tough to quit.In my practice of various modalities I understood one approach that gives more hope and results is hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is a ray of sunshine for all those who are looking to break free from any form of addiction.

Hypnotherapy uses an altered state of consciousness to identify the root cause of addiction and heal it. It works to make a person feel so positive and strong within

themselves that they choose to let go of any factor that is unhealthy and negative for them. Overall they become ready to choose better things in life and create a more conscious life with conscious aware choices. It starts with a choice to seek out and find someone near you who can assist you.