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Can Trapped Emotions Cause Muscle Tension?

Chronic pain is something many people have to live with. According to the Centre for Disease Control, more than 20 percent of the adult population of the United States struggles with pain on most days. More than 70 percent of people have to cope with various forms of stress that affect their physical or mental health, making them unable to cope. Putting two and two together isn’t difficult, and in this article, we will talk about how trapped emotions cause muscle tension.

Can Trapped Emotions Cause Muscle Tension?

Holding your emotions back is never a good idea. Besides the damage they can cause your body and mind, suppressed emotions can also have an effect on your relationships. Both romantic relationships and friendships can suffer if you withhold feelings and trap emotions. Burying unresolved issues will only cause them to surface up later, probably causing irreparable damage to your body in the meantime. Various forms of mental and digestive disorders can take a long time to develop fully, and very often, it takes us even longer to be fully aware of them. 

Our thoughts and emotions can influence our well-being in many ways. Although negative thoughts and misguided emotions can cause damage, the opposite is also true. When we feel happy, calm, and content, we can achieve harmony of body and mind. Instead of suppressing your negative feelings and trapping negative emotions, you should be working towards thinking and feeling better on an everyday level.

Muscle Tension

Most people can go on functioning for a long time, totally unaware of the emotional burden their body is carrying. The blocked energy in our muscles can build up and can cause various injuries and conditions that end up causing us pain. Therefore, don’t try to ignore the messages your body is sending you. Of course, you can function like that for a while – suppressing and ignoring any signs that things are not well. After all, stress is a slow killer. However, instead of ignoring the problem, the best way is to tackle the issues head-on. Still, before we can do so, we must first realize that a problem exists.

Here are some of the ways how muscle tension can occur and how trapped emotions cause muscle tension:

  • Trauma: One of the most apparent causes of our muscles remaining tense for a long time is some form of trauma that we have suffered. Regardless of the fact that if the trauma was intentionally inflicted upon us or accidentally caused, our bodies deal with all the traumatic experiences even long after the initial trauma is over. The unresolved experiences can cause stress, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Environmental stressors and bad habits: The daily grind can take a heavy toll on our bodies. Sitting at a desk all day with bad posture will unequivocally lead to long-term issues like back pain. Other bad habits like continual lack of sleep can also lead to muscle tension.
  • Psychological tension: Our psyche can further warp many things that cause us stress, fear, and anger. We tend to latch on to negative thoughts; it’s a very natural response. But while we keep that negativity bottled in, our bodies tense up from us, constantly piling on more negative thoughts.
  • Social conditioning: From a young age, we are shaped by those around us. Many children are told to stop crying and to suck it up. From then on, we lead our entire lives repeatedly told to hold in the sadness and anger we feel – emotions that our bodies express for us. Those expressions often take the form of muscle tension.

Prevention through Exercise

We need to escape the vicious cycle where negative emotions cause us stress, which, when unresolved, leads to muscle tension. The best way to stop this negativity is to avoid stressors in the first place. Alas, some things in life we can’t escape, but we can develop healthy coping mechanisms. One of the best ways to cope with stress is through physical exercise.

Most medical experts recommend exercise. It is the best natural way of dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, and other ailments they can cause. Working out will help both manage stress, and at the same time, activate our muscles in a healthy way. Moreover, it is imperative to develop a healthy mindset. Also, setting goals when exercising is a great way to stay focused. Sometimes you will need help figuring out the routine best suited for your needs, which is something personal trainers and specialists can help you with. 


Once you start working your body through a strict exercise regimen, you will probably feel the healthy kind of muscle pain. This is how our muscles grow: when we exercise, our muscle fibers get damaged, and afterward, they are rebuilt stronger than they were before. For this to happen, you need to allow your body to rest. It is when you rest that your muscles get repaired. 

Another essential thing to consider is what kind of food you eat. Without a proper diet, you won’t be getting the best results from your exercise. Moreover, it may be wise to consider using adequate supplements to recover. There are numerous options out there, and this is another thing you should consult your trainer about. Sometimes you will need help figuring out the routine best suited for your needs, which is something Dubai Personal Trainers can help you with.

Managing Stress in your Everyday Routine

While exercise can prevent stress buildup and muscle pain, you still need to learn how to manage stress in your daily life. Deal with the problems life throws at you in the present rather than leaving things to fester. Remember, trapped emotions cause muscle tension. Therefore, develop healthy habits and stick to them. Be strict to yourself and force those habits to become second nature. Learning to read the signals your body sends you is a vital skill you need to develop because you get to live with yourself for the rest of your life. So, self-care and prioritizing your well-being need to become your top priorities.

Once you have learned how trapped emotions cause muscle tension, it will be easier to deal with the built-up negativity you are carrying. The first step is always recognizing that a problem even exists. Now that you are aware of the stress that weighs you down, it is time to lift that weight off your shoulders. Start exercising, and you will quickly have the strength and determination to handle any of life’s problems that come your way.

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