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Are You Inheriting Your Issues From Your Family

Are You Inheriting Your Issues From Your Family?

Our parents play a very important role in molding us into the people we eventually become. Our physical appearance, some aspects of our intelligence, the experiences we have and the values we hold dear, all stem from our parents and our upbringing. They teach us, protect us, and want nothing but the best for us. But are they also subconsciously passing their pain onto us? Trauma is an inevitable part of life. Nobody is handed only rainbows and sunshine. But how much of our pain is truly our own?

Is There a Scientific Explanation for This?

Is There a Scientific Explanation for This

New research in Epigenetics (the study of change in organisms due to modification of genetic expression) has shown that we all inherit trauma from our ancestors. The trauma experienced by an individual act somewhat like a vaccine, helping us build resilience to similar forms of hurt. How it works is once a trauma occurs, our body’s adaptive systems make a physiological change in our DNA. Then, when we procreate, this DNA is passed onto our children, and alters their neurochemistry, biologically preparing them to deal with a similar trauma- regardless of whether they might face such a situation or not.

A study was done in 2013, trained mice to fear the smell of cherry blossoms. After a period of time, their offspring were tested. It was found that they too were excessively sensitive to the smell of cherry blossoms. Further, the next generation of mice also avoided the smell without ever having any interaction with the smell before.

We are literally inheriting our parent’s emotional issues!.

Why is This a Problem?

Why is This a Problem

This might not sound all that bad. Who wouldn’t want some biological protection against the challenges life throws at us? However, it is important to remember that the traumas faced by our ancestors were very different from the ones we face today. 100 years ago, surviving a measles outbreak would have taken all the energy, efforts and resources possible. Conversely, having adaptive genes that manifest themselves in the form of excessive fear of certain foods or a compulsive desire to be clean, could cause more harm than good.. There could be various other experiences- such as a parent or grandparents contact with war, an accident, or unresolved family issues- that could be eating away at you.

Is There A Solution Available?

Is There A Solution Available

The problem is that very few people are able to make the connection between their unexplained fears, impulses, anxiety, prejudices or issues, and their ancestors. Instead, we end up blaming ourselves, wondering where we went wrong to be saddled with such problems. Other times we simply give up, resigning ourselves to a lifetime of unexplained misery- accepting the belief that ‘nothing can be done’.

But, this isn’t true. Something can be done. Illuminations Well Being Centre in Dubai offers powerful solutions geared towards understanding your past. Family Constellations is an effective way of healing the subconscious imprints we carry from our ancestors at a deeply energetic level. It can help you to recognize the counterproductive patterns in your life, and in understanding their connections with your parents or grandparents’ experiences. It can lead to long term, life-changing results.

If you have ever experienced an instinctual unexplained fear or anxiety regarding roads, animals, tall people with moles, or anything else, without a rational backing, doing a Constellation could greatly help you. It can aid not only in improving your quality of life but also in ensuring that you do not pass on any extra pain to your children.

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