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Activate your feminine energy and achieve greater success in your career

Today the world has become more aware and is being educated of gender differences and how to attain equality without compromising on these differences for either gender. For centuries, women were unable to speak up and really participate in economic activities, owing to the view that their inherent nature of nurture and care made them too ‘soft’ to be able to engage in the work required. With the revolution of the internet and better modes of media and communication, a conversation was started on how a woman’s femininity is not a barrier, but a boon to the modern workforce. While the conversation has reached a point where it is being discussed worldwide, and the opportunities for women are constantly on the rise, it is also important for women to actually understand how their feminine characteristics can help them achieve greater success.

Why is it important to speak about femininity?


Due to long-prevailing practices that oppressed the growth of women in the workplace, it has somewhere become ingrained in the minds of women that their femininity must be hidden away. Subconsciously or consciously, women force themselves to emulate the characteristics exhibited by their male counterparts, as they believe that that will help prove their worth in a previously male-dominated, competitive world. This leads to an imbalance in their true identities and in the identity they adopt to keep up with the world they have been used to seeing. This imbalance takes a toll on women’ physical, emotional and mental health, leading to early burn-out and the subsequent inability to cope with further pressure.

At Illuminations, we believe that as the times are changing and we have been empowered by technology to be able to speak about these changes, there is no better time than now for women to start focusing on using innate feminine characteristics as strengths, and viewing them as accelerators of success, rather than as obstacles to growth and achievement of goals.

The Illuminations Initiative towards empowering women


Illuminations is a holistic wellness institute and is the first of its kind in the middle east, with centres in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The Illuminations initiative offers several programs that focus on different aspects of life that women juggle everyday. These programs aim to empower women with the ability to identify their femininity and find strength in it, so as to use it to attain a balance between the different important parts of their lives. Women find that they play important roles in the following areas of their lives:

Marriage and relationships




Seeking, achieving and maintaining a balance between taking care of these different parts of their lives is truly an art that our initiative aims to help women learn. Our program seeks to inspire women to transform their inner self by fearlessly leveraging their core strengths to become authentic leaders and role models.

What are the approaches and tools used?


A lot of the work on empowering women to become their most authentic self by bringing in their involves, energy work, movement. Meditation, life coaching, breathwork, coaching and counseling through positive psychology and hypnotherapy. This allows women to enhance their communication, get in touch with their inherent intuitive gifts and open up their energy to receive and create through their powerful feminine principles.

What are the objectives of the Illuminations Initiative?


The initiative envisions that women will be empowered to chase after their dreams boldly and strongly. The workshop helps women experience the following:

Feel confident

Find a balance

Embrace strength

Achieve happiness

Think positively

The power of being nurturing

A spiritual standpoint from the perspective of Yin and Yang, says that it is important to balance male and female energies. Each being has both male and female energies, which when balanced, help us live in harmony with ourselves. The above objectives of the Illuminations program are strongly focused on helping women find a balance between their masculine and feminine energy. Illuminations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi offers many services that aim to encourage women to harness their femininity for the purpose of manifestation and creation. We offer meditation and feminine circles, corporate wellness programs and yin and yang balancing workshops. For more information on how to register yourself, you can connect with us here.

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