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7 Simple Self-Care Practices for a Healthy Mind and Body

Do you often forget to take care of your needs? In this fast-paced world, it is difficult to find time to take proper care of ourselves. The job stress is constantly on a rise, and if we skip out of taking care of our mind, body, and soul, in no time we will be battered from a mental burnout, exhaustion, or even worse, an emotional breakdown!

As much as we see self-care trending all over social media, it is in fact a good practice to see the simple act of self – care in this world that seems to stop for no one. It is time we start listening to our mind, body, and soul to put our needs first! Using these little techniques in our daily life will, that seemingly take very little time will make a huge difference to our life. Consistency is the key!


Here are 7 ideas of tiny self-care activities that we can fit into our schedules that require little time



The benefits of yoga are far well known and extensively research. You do not need to join a class or shell out any money for this. Just take 10 minutes of your day when you return from work or first thing in the morning, and stretch out all your muscles. If your workplace requires you to sit 8 hours at the desk or more, it can adversely affect your health. If you consider the cortisol levels of the work stress, then your body and mind are in serious need of some self-care!



While we breathe subconsciously every day, it is an important thing we should stop taking for granted. Breathwork is a meditative practice that takes simple breathing exercises by focusing on our each of our breath to improve our physical, mental, and spiritual health. This is an active meditation that gets rid of our limiting beliefs, negative energy, and emotional blocks. It also majorly helps to deal with anxiety, panic attacks, and stress, in general, to help the person be in the present and stops the process of getting overwhelmed and overthinking.

Journal your thoughts!


If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your thoughts, it is time to get it out of your mind and on to paper. The old-fashioned art of writing thoughts on the paperwork the best. Journaling benefits are scientifically backed and proven. Just take out 15-20 minutes of your day preferably either when you wake up or before going to sleep and pen your thoughts down. You will be amazed by the thoughts you had pent up in your mind!

Tea time


Put on the kettle and steep your favorite tea. Teas like chamomile and lavender, help you relax and calm down. You can start your day with a warm cup of tea or have it mid-afternoon. It serves as a reset button- an opportunity to gather your thoughts, pause, breath, and prepare yourself for the oncoming day.

Get dressed!


When you wake up, get dressed up all the way like you have a special appointment you are looking forward to! Doesn’t matter even if you’re in your house and the special appointment is with yourself.

As we dress better, we start feeling better and happier; this leads to a higher level of productivity and puts us in a great mood! It doesn’t take much time and the compliments are a bonus!

Sweat it out


Nothing like a little exercise to get your day going! The release of endorphins and oxytocin makes you feel amazing no matter how your day has been going! Just 10 minutes of exercise may be in any form will do! You can dance it out, go running, cycling, or opt for a High intensity work out!

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