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5 Spiritual Celebrities We Love!

Stress and emotional imbalances, the multicolored monsters that sadly paint our reality today are unbiased with their attacks. Not even your favorite celebrities are spared from their hostility. However many famous personalities have recently adapted the alternative route and embraced the practices of spirituality and holistic wellbeing. Here’s a list of A-listers who have dedicated their recent accolades to the power of mindfulness and meditation.


Miranda Kerr

This Victoria’s Secret Angel/supermodel and mother of one returned to the catwalk merely three months after giving birth to her son. Her secret? Regular yoga and meditation that kept in check her practice of ‘mindful eating’ helping her lose the baby weight in less than 60 days! Moreover she is known to meditate backstage before hitting the runway and dazzling millions worldwide.


Demi Lovato

This young Disney alumna turned pop-star has been under the limelight since an early age. Her journey has not always been a smooth one. However she credits meditating and reading inspirational quotes for 10 minutes every morning and evening for helping her staying on track and overcoming her eating disorder and emotional issues. She states, “I find meditation great for staying positive.”


Hugh Jackman

Better known as Wolverine from X-Men, Hugh Jackman is remarkably far removed in real life from his on-screen persona. An unlikely participant in the arts of holistic healing, he accolades meditation for helping him overcome his struggle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), stating, “Meditation changed my life.” He engages in transcendental meditation twice a day for half an hour.


Jennifer Anniston

Hollywood’s sweetheart, this 45-year-old stunner credits her youthful appearance and radiant skin to daily meditation and lots of self love. When asked the secret to her endearing energy she mentions on meditation that, “Starting your day off with that and ending with that is pretty powerful. Twenty minutes, you just notice the difference.”


Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell or ‘Frozen’s Anna’ is known for her quirky roles in Hollywood. A little known fact about her is that she is deeply spiritual and an advocate of yoga and states that meditation is her number one piece of health and wellbeing advice, “Do meditative yoga for 10 minutes every morning. When you have a problem — whether it’s road rage, your guy, or work — meditation allows everything to unfold the way it’s supposed to.”