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7 daily life things that can help you overcome depression and anxiety

Depression exists and we all need to understand it by heart.  In our daily lives, we meet a lot of people. Not everyone is happy nor is everyone sad. You job is not to treat anyone but your job is to be nice to everyone. You never know which person is facing what kind of issues in their head. So, you must make sure that no mistake is being carried out from your behalf. The depression and anxiety have literally taken over the world these days. Not even celebrities have been able to stay safe from it. Every one of them tries as many ways as possible to come out of depression.


If you see anyone in your circle facing such issues, you should go and help them in every possible way. Not just that your get well soon messages will work but also your support and care. People facing these issues may not find it easier to survive in the world but if you help them with your support, they can surely come out of it.


Depression and anxiety are real but who would come to help? You yourself. If you are not ready to make yourself better, you wouldn’t be able to come out of it. You deserve all the happiness of this world and there should be no one to snatch it form you. Happiness is not something you get from outside. It is within you and you should not suppress yourself from being happier than ever.


If you really want to help yourself, work on the following tips to make your life worthwhile: 

Love yourself


Loving yourself is not that difficult as it may appear to some people. If you cannot love yourself, you will not be able to spread happiness. Loving others is good but loving yourself is better. Your life needs your attention too and if you will spoil it with your own hands, what else do you expect? Keep yourself your first priority. Love yourself. Your skin color is the best, your facial features are the best and no one in this world is like you. Is it that difficult to understand? It is not. Your life needs you and you need to stand up for yourself.



Ponder upon nature and every good thing you have been granted with. Your life is precious. So work on it. Spend some time with your own true self. No filters, no nothing, just you and your god. If you make your relationship stronger with him, you would be able to know the real purpose of your existence. That’s how the things work but for that, you have to take the initial step. If you are ready to do so, all the good things will come your way.

Say no to liquor


A lot of people think that alcohol acts as an anti-depressant which is so not true. It actually acts as a depressant. If you are already depressed, it will make your condition even worst. The best drug you can take in order to make your condition better is your own thoughts and emotions. Emotionally attach yourself with you. Liquor consumption can not only be injurious to your health but also destroys your life which you would really not want.

You are not alone


A lot of people think that they are the only ones facing such conditions and nobody can understand them. That is not true. A lot of people face the same conditions but they come out of them by working on themselves. They make sure that they give their best shots to make their lives better and they really do get successful. You can also be one of them if and only if you know how important your happiness is for you and for the world around you.

Stay positive


Bring more positivity in your mind. Think that everything that happens, happens for a good reason. If there is something bothering you about someone, go and talk to them. Keeping thigs to your heart would do good to none. All the little things around you matter even the flower you grew in your backyard. Your purpose of life is to stay happy and keep happy, by getting tensed, you will not get anything.

Open up to your friends


Your life is important for you and your family so you must make sure that you do not destroy it with your own hands. If you are facing a certain condition, you must talk about it. There is no easy to keep things to yourself. Talk to them and bring new ways to work on it. When you open up about what you are feeling, half of your stress goes right away.

Eat healthily


You must make sure that everything that goes into your stomach is good. Your body deserves all the healthy things and not the ones which will gradually become the reason for its deterioration. Your diet has a huge impact on your mood. So, try to eat as much healthy as you can.

There is nothing we demand from you. It is just a step towards a happy and healthy life and no more

Blog is Written by Hassan K  

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