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3 Reasons why Hypnotherapy works really well for Healing

As a psychologist and counselor, I often get this question by so many clients as to why I suggest and advocate Hypnotherapy for healing. The reasons are simple and multifold.

Accesses the Subconscious Mind


It’s one of the few healing modalities that work with the subconscious mind and resolved the issue from the very root. With no disregard for any other healing modality, majority modalities simply work at the surface level targeting the conscious mind and so require more time and energy for bringing resolution.

Permanent Results


The issue is coming from the client’s subconscious mind and when worked with brings about permanent results because if the problem is generated by the mind unconsciously, it is also capable of bringing in the solution.

Soothing and Relaxing


The state achieved under Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation. This is a state that is universally accepted by every individual and helps one feel more at ease.

Non-Invasive and 100% Safe


Having worked and utilized a lot of healing modalities and psychological tools and techniques, I can safely vouch that Hypnotherapy is 100% safe. Unlike what is portrayed in movies and tv shows, it is not mind control and instead, the client has complete control and is aware of exactly what is happening here.

For eg: If you are a vegetarian, and if the therapist suggests you become a nonvegetarian under session you will not be so or act so simply because you have complete control. In this safe modality, your conscious mind is not closed off and your subconscious mind is awakened.

You don’t need to ingest anything or do anything in order to heal yourself and it simply involves working with the subconscious mind of the individual.

Written By:


Zinnia H Bharucha

 Holistic Psychologist and Relationship Counselor

Zinnia is the Co-owner and manager at Holistic Solutions from 2015 a premier organization that has been training, healing, and providing relief to several individuals, families, businesses, and communities for their overall development and progress in life over three decades.

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