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How to Deal with Negative Thinking and When to ask for help

Have you ever been part of an instance where you put on your laptop and your to-do list is ready, only to realize a couple of hours later that you haven’t completed any of your tasks and you’re currently watching cat videos on Youtube? Not to fret, you’re part of a whole community of individuals who have this habit called...


Meditation for Beginners – All You Need to Know!

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) lies on the principle that all your thoughts, actions and feelings are interconnected and that if they are harmful thoughts, they can trap your progress and productivity. It is a method where you focus on current problems, rather thanpast. You talk through your problems with your therapist and break them down into smaller components, identifying the...


Daily Self-Care Habits to Improve Your Mental and Emotional Health

Mental health plays a crucial role in living a balanced and active life; it impacts your behaviour, emotions and thoughts. Emotional health will not only boost your mental health, productivity and focus in routine work-life activities but also important parts of life such as decision making and relationships, which can be life-changing. According to health experts, nearly 80% of adults...


How Mental Health Can Resolve Your Hormonal Imbalance Issues

We all know how our hormones can completely turn our day around. One minute, you’re feeling light, happy, and ready to take on the world and the next second you’re suddenly feeling heavy and want to just crawl up into bed all day...