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When dealing with the stress that comes from the demands of living in a modern fast-paced world, or struggling with the challenges that life throws our way, all we need is the space & opportunities to positively deal with these issues in order to get back on track in this journey of life!
Keeping the importance of our well-being in mind, Illuminations was designed to encourage people to take charge of their life, through reconnecting with their inner self to discover what truly makes them happy!

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Whether it is a flourishing career, a fulfilling relationship, good health or simply spiritual exploration, we are all on a quest to be happy!

By tapping into our inner power and healing potential, we can unlock the door for greater success, happiness & balance that we are all seeking for!

From healers, coaches, classes, counselors and trainings, everything we offer will help you overcome the limitations of fear, worry and stress that leaves you feeling stuck, confused & helpless.

The tools and techniques we offer are all non-invasive, non-bias and non-religious and integrate the latest science based practices, metaphysical concepts, western psychology and eastern philosophies.


Soniyaa Kiran Punjabi

Founder of Illuminations


At Illuminations our holistic approach to self-development, focuses on releasing the limitations we have set in our mental, emotional & physical levels, so that we can focus on long lasting transformation.

Even science & doctors are highlighting the power of our thoughts and emotions in shaping the reality with experience!

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Be it in our health, career & relationships, our outer world is a reflection of our inner self. If we wish to seek change in our life, we must first focus on creating change from within.

The tools and techniques we offer are all non-invasive, non-bias and non-religious and integrate the latest science based practices, metaphysical concepts, western psychology and eastern philosophies.

The Power Lies Within!




As the dazzling city of Dubai was busy embracing an economic boost of growth and infrastructure, a small initiative began by organizing non-profit events to give people the opportunity to discover and explore the powerful resources residing within their inner self.



As people began experiencing the power of connecting with their inner self through various holistic healing practiced we presented, word of mouth spread like wildfire. From rented hotel apartments, to a tiny room in a villa, to a small space in downtown Dubai, we moved all around Dubai offering our services.



We found the perfect home and opened the doors to our dream center in Jumeirah Lake Towers in October 2011. Illuminations had built enough of revenue to be able to sustain a project as large as this, without a single investor! Our hard work, dedication and high quality of services helped us to attract large audiences.



With the success of our 1st Center in Dubai, Illuminations found an opportunity to open our second center in Pune, India’s 7th largest city and home to many spiritual practices.



lluminations Launches its Franchise Program & Sells its 1st Franchise in the Emirati Neighborhood in Mirdif, Dubai. The center caters to the large arabic speaking population interested in well-being activities where all services are offered in Arabic!



Illuminations a Company registered under Illuminations Training Centre DMCC is now the 1st, Largest & Premiere Well-Being Center of its kind in the middle east. A one-stop-shop for holistic healing, mental well-being, and personal growth services, pioneering the growing well-being movement in the UAE & Middle East.

Awards & Recognition



  • Founder Awarded the Young Asian Entrepreneurs Award
  • Featured on the Cover of Start Up Magazine & Several Leading Publications
  • 1st Center to Pioneer the Regular Meditation Classes
  • 1st Center to Organize Regular Non Profit Awareness Seminar on Different Holistic & Well-Being Topics
  • Largest Holistic Training Academy & Student Base
  • Organizing Large Scale Events & Trainings for World Renowned Author & Healer, Dr. Eric Pearl & Dr. Bhasakaran Pillai

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to lead a movement of well being, by creating and providing innovative products and services that facilitate personal evolution.

By enlightening individuals to connect to the power within them, life no longer becomes a matter of chance; it’s a matter of choice!

Our vision is to create a culture where people focus on their personal evolution as a key to lasting happiness.


Our Values