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      Fears & Phobias Therapy

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    "I had 3 sessions with Illuminations to tackle an extreme fear of flying. After 1 session, I felt an instant improvement. I received techniques to manage my anxiety and after 1 year on, I am anxiety free and enjoy flying. It feels amazing." *




    * Disclaimer - Results may vary from person to person

    Why We Fear

    Fear is a basic human emotion, designed as an inbuilt survival mechanism to protect us from what we 'perceive' as potentially threatening circumstances and situations.

    These perceptions are influenced by past painful experiences that we hold on to in our mind, body and energy field. When these irrational fears disrupt our emotional state and block us from progressing in our hobbies, relationships and careers, we are left feeling helpless.


    Fear & Phobia Management Program

    Our “Fear & Phobia Management Program ” at Illuminations, offer you the safest, powerful, and permanent methods to break free from negative associations and behavior patterns that are limiting your potential. Common Fears we address include:

      Fear of Loss
      Fear of Public Speaking
      Fear of Flying
      Fear of Heights
      Fear of Water
      Fear of Closed Spaces
      Fear of Death
      Fear of Animals

    The program is packaged into 5 sessions which combine the best of integrative medicine and holistic healing methods to identify the root cause of the fears and resolve the same.

    * Disclaimer - Results mentioned vary among individuals

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