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  Relationship Counseling & Healing






 Are you seeking to improve communication with your partner?

 Are you ready to rekindle love and harmony in your relationship?
 Are you seeking to improve your compatibility with your partner?

 Are your behavior patterns destroying your relationship?

 Are you seeking to relate with emotional intelligence?

 Are you seeking to break free from an unhealthy relationship?

Book a Free Consult & Learn How You Can Resolve Your Relationship Issues!


"My wife and I are now much happier in our relationship. We understand each other better and give one another the space to grow. From being on the verge of a break-up, we are now stronger than ever before. Thank you!" *


David Jones


* Disclaimer - Results may vary from person to person

Relationships in the 21st Century

Managing a successful relationship can be an extremely challenging task in the 21st century.

The ingredients of a successful relationship, although differ for each couple, commonly include: Love, Respect, Trust, Companionship, Physical Attraction, a Common Vision & Empowering the other to Attain their Highest Potential.

We all begin with the hope of keeping these ingredients alive at any given point of time, but due to the impermanence of life, circumstance situation and weak foundation many tend to fail.

Relationship Healing Therapy Program


Our relationship-healing program focuses on strengthening our foundation of love and self-awareness in relationships through a holistic process of love and acceptance of ourselves first and then our partners.

Relationship Therapy focuses on the following groups of individuals:


  Couples in Crisis: People looking to manage and bring alive their current relationship.

  People who have decided to end a relationship.
  People who are struggling to find a potential suitable partner.

Through a holistic healing approach involving: Coaching, Hypnotherapy & Inner Child Therapy, Meditation & Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Energy Healing and other powerful techniques. Clients will be guided to release unwanted feelings, attitudes, toxic emotions and behavior patterns, which keep us stuck in a rut of unhappiness.

**Disclaimer: The mentioned above benefits are based on each individual’s experience and results vary for every individual
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