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Save the Date: March 30, 2018


Spring Equinox Sacred Healing - Overnight Cruise Retreat
- A one of a kind healing experience By Illuminations



Retreat Package


Overview of The Retreat



This Spring Equinox retreat marks the transitional period of change from winter to summer with extension of lighter days, which marks the time for new beginnings and new light!


An important time which spiritually signifies a powerful time for embracing change, and an energetic opportunity for the birthing of new creations! We invite you to join us for an overnight dhow cruise retreat surrounded by spectacular mountains and serene remote white sand beaches in Oman, led by renowned International Facilitators & Healers, Gian & Manuela.


The retreat is an opportunity to connect with the sacred space of healing through powerful spiritual rituals. These rituals cleanse any energetic, emotional and mental debris which keeps us stuck in old patterns. These rituals also allow us to tune into our soul purpose, by quietening our mind and deepening our spiritual consciousness. It allows our intuition to rise and guide us as we move through our own life transitions, be it in our health, career or relationships.


In ancient times, during these seasonal cycles, important rituals were performed to cleanse old energy out as well as in their homes, temples etc. In this sacred space of healing, we can learn to co-create our world from a deep space of love, faith, self belief and contentment.

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Accommodation: Igloo Tents
Accommodation: Igloo Tents


Facilitated By: Gian Carlo & Manuela


Gian Carlo & Manuela

World Renowned Shamanic & Quantum Healer



Gian Carlo Zazzeri is a world renowned psychic medium & quantum energy healer. He is also the founder of a new and revolutionary energetic healing method called Trans-dimensional Quantum Healing or just simply T.Q.H. His goal is to strike the perfect balance and harmony between science and spirituality! According to the times of profound changes that were living.

Manuela was born and grew up in the rich cultural, business and esoteric city of Turin, in northern Italy. Her mother was a medium and it became evident, from an early age, that Manuela was a very gifted medium and empath. She herself knew that she was ‘different’ and as she discovered her gifts, she committed to using her gifts to assist as many people as she could, to find joy and peace in their lives.

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