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An Inspiring & Empowering Wellness Retreat In the Himalayas Led by Internationally Renowned Facilitator, J.D Thomas!






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Brief About the Retreat:

How often do we feel like it is time for change? We all desire to become a new empowering version of ourselves, but too many excuses stand in our way!

This 5-day destination retreat provides you with the life transforming opportunity through a guided journey of inner healing and tapping into the capacity we all have to live the life we dreamed of!

After 4 amazingly successful retreats in 2015 alone, Illuminations announces our next retreat this November 2015, Set amidst the backdrop of the breathtaking Himalayan mountain range.Led BY J.D Thomas, the retreat involves, eastern eastern methods of bodywork, personal fitness, spiritual psychology and modern breathwork. This approach he calls as the NEW ME, with the intenton of

This powerful and experiential process engages the key components of human potential through breathing, body manipulations, and focused awareness, learning and conditioning efficient life behaviors, thought patterns, breathing practices, and ways of being. The New ME approach is supported by years of studies in the art of human potential and quick shift techniques, which can be harnessed by anyone!  
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   Date for Retreat: 

    November 20th - 25th, 2015 (5 nights & 6 Days)

Healing Activities with J. D Thomas Include:

icon-1 Daily Modern Breath Work (morning classes): A Key Component of Human Potential Through Focus, Awareness & Release + Leadership Through Team Building & Adventure Activities: Rock Climbing, Zip lining Trekking & Bonfire Nights! 
icon-1 Mini-Breath work Readings for Each Participant: You will understand exactly what your personal breathing pattern is, and how you can use this knowledge to understand yourself and others. 
New Me Now Workshop:
It is an efficient mind opening and heart soothing experience that benefits every participant in the levels of physical vitality, emotional openness and stability, and clarity of life vision and direction. This is a great first step for those that want to know more about the vast opportunities that the tools of New ME offers. This event is a full immersion experience. Come prepared to grow, learn, and have a lot of fun! You will most certainly leave completely energized and empowered regardless of your original intentions or desired outcomes. New ME Now is for everyone and always reflects the desires of the collective and individualized focus!

Relationships & Intimacy Workshop:
This event is for singles or couples. It is great for those wanting more intimacy with their partner, those wanting a relationship, and anyone that wants to feel more love within them. Learn the basic principles of attraction, experience deeper levels of love and connection, and take a new step in the direction of either finding your perfect partner, or bringing home a new fire to your current lover.

About the Location: Kanatal Himalayas:

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Kanatal, a quaint little hamlet in Uttaranchal State of India, is perched at an altitude of over 8,500 feet. Kanatal,offers spectacularly breathtaking views of the snow-clad Himalayan mountain range surrounded by lush green forests.In contrast to most well-known hill resorts in Northern India that are waging a losing battle against overcrowding, urbanization, pollution and commercialization, Kanatal offers a serene experience in the lap of nature. Kanatal is an idea whose time has come. Discerning toursists seeking a communion with nature untouched, untamed and unspoilt can enjoy many pleasant surprises. Kanatal is conveniently connected by road to Delhi and major cities. The closest railway station and airport is Dehradun. Taxis are easily available for Kanatal.

Outdoor & Other Activities


icon11 Guided Trekking in the Mountains and Forests 
icon12 Rock Climbing & Valley Crossing
 bon fire Bonfire Nights
(2) Pagoda Temple Visit to the Famous Surkhanda Devi Temple, one of the most sought after pilgrimage and tourist destinations in and around Kanatal, largely because it is one of the three temples considered sacred by Hindus

About the Accommodation: The Terraces: A Luxury Boutiqe Resort & Spa




The Terraces, a boutique resort that is a previous jewel in the crown of Kanatal offers you an unforgettable holiday experience. Set amidst majestic forests of the Himalayas, surrounding by beautiful trees, chirping birds and invigorating mountain air, the impeccable lodging, travel, wellness, adventure, conference, dining facilities at The Terraces blend beautifully with nature’s bounty. Learn more via:


About Your Facilitators: J.D Thomas - Founder of New Me Breath & Body Work


J.D Thomas is an international speaker, coach, and facilitator who shares his gifts with groups at his high energy workshops and seminars all over the world.

He has a background in eastern methods of bodywork, personal fitness, psychology, and modern breath work. His passion is to help others to live life to the fullest by supporting them in finding authentic self-empowerment and an energetic vitality. He is the author of two books, a husband, and father, and currently lives in Istanbul.

New Me Breath and Bodywork is a unique and powerful collection of techniques that incorporates connected breathing, hands on body manipulation, and carefully designed coaching strategies. Designed by founder J.D. Thomas after years of studying and working with the various fields, it has the benefit of accessing what could be called the “inner coach”.

This powerful and experiential process engages the key components of human potential through breathing, body manipulations, and focused awareness. In this efficient 2-hour introductory workshop, you will understand exactly what your personal breathing pattern is, and how you can use this knowledge to understand yourself and others.

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