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  Exam Stress, Focus & Concentration





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* "I used to get very anxious during exams – I knew that I would be humiliated because of low grades when the results would be out. It always happened this way; it was a vicious cycle. After doing a few sessions of hypnotherapy all this changed completely. I stopped getting these anxiety attacks. I have also managed to pass the entrance exams for engineering college successfully."


Anshu Gupte

Stress Focus Concentration Testimonial

* Disclaimer - Results may vary among individuals
     Exam Stress, Focus & Concentration

Check-Mark Do you get nervous, scared or tensed during exam time?

 Do tests, assessments and exams cause you anxiety?

 Does this anxiety cause your body to react out of your control? Do you get stomach aches, excessive sweating or does your heart race and breathing get heavy?

 No matter how much you study, does your mind blank out when you see the question paper?

 Do you struggle to remember anything you’ve read?

 Do you feel that the dedication you put into your studies does not materialize?

 Are you fearful of not achieving the results you desire?

 Has it become difficult to live up to your parents’, teachers’ and your own expectations?


 About Exam Stress, Focus & Concentration Program:

Examination anxiety and stress is multi dimensional. It is related to the child’s emotional, intellectual, psychological and social wellbeing. The pressures experienced by children and adolescents today have many layers of expectations & stress inducing factors. Our program approaches all these layers and dimensions with an effective, powerful, yet simple and holistic healing methods that bring freedom and relief from stress. These techniques revive your relationship with your mind, enabling you to apply yourself the best you can during your exams. You can begin to enjoy assessment processes as a way to explore your knowledge and increase your confidence without paralyzing fear or anxiety! 

Holistic Approaches & Counselling for Stress & Anxiety Management include:

Check-Mark Hypnotherapy and Self- Hypnosis

Check-Mark Meditation & Mindfulness

Check-Mark Metaphor Therapy & Powerful Psychological Tools

Check-Mark Coaching & Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Exam stress, Focus & Concentration Program includes:

Check-MarkFree 30 min Consultation

Check-Mark3 Therapy Sessions - 1 Hour Each

Check-Mark Audio Support Material

Check-Mark Holistic Healing

Check-MarkTools For Daily Stress Management

**Disclaimer: The mentioned above benefits are based on each individual’s experience and results vary for every individual.
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