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Depression Depression & Mental Disorders





Check-Mark Are you struggling to focus, concentrate, make choices or decisions?
Check-Mark Are you low on energy most of the time, feeling drained and tired?
Check-Mark Are you having difficulty sleeping at night and getting out of bed in the morning?
Check-Mark Has your appetite changed? Have you lost your taste for a good meal?
Check-Mark Are you suffering from any unexplained pains, aches or facing difficulty in moving parts of your body?
Check-Mark Are your thoughts overwhelmingly negative and weighing you down?
Check-Mark Are you unable to celebrate or enjoy activities and company the way you previously did?

Book a free consult to learn about safe, natural & holistic ways to heal your or a loved one’s depression, without medication.



"I suffered from depression for 4 years, where doctors advised me strong meditation. It took a toll on my health and energy levels. I eventually came across a psychotherapist who recommended Illuminations. After a few sessions I became so much better! Today I am off medications and now working towards my goals and ambitions. Thank you so very much." *


Aanchal Salve


* Disclaimer -Results may vary for every individual

 Treating Depression and Mental Disorders at Illuminations





At Illuminations our approach to treating mental health disorders and depression cases is extremely powerful and yet is non invasive.

We combine the practical, safe, natural and appropriate methods by combining counseling and holistic healing approaches for an individual to regain charge of his/her life and operate from a space of balance and well being with a healthy mindset *

 About Our Alternative Healing Program

Even though Depression appears to be the most common form of mental disorders, we at Illuminations in Dubai also offer services to treat clients suffering from other such mental disorders such as Panic Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Obsessive-compulsive Disorders etc.

Our Alternative Method Approaches Include: 

                            Check-Mark Psychotherapy & Psychological Assesments
                             Counseling & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
                             Mindfulness & Meditation                             
                            Check-Mark EMDR Trauma Release Therapy
 Yoga Asanas and Pranayama
 Nutrition Advice
 Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis
      (If applicable)s
Our Services Include:
                         Check-Mark Free 30 min Consultation with the Therapist
                          Therapy sessions 1 hour each for 5 sessions.

 Free 30 min consultation with Family Members
 Holistic Healing Tips & Tools for Daily Stress Management

Disclaimer: The mentioned above benefits are based on each individual’s experience and results vary for every individual
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