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Spiritual Healing Retreat in Burma  Spiritual Healing Retreat in Burma Led By Fearless Living Facilitator,
Denis Murphy

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Join us for an outer & inner journey of a lifetime to the beautiful country of Burma with Denis Murphy.

"It is quite unlike any place you know, "describes Rudyard Kipling about Burma, also known as Myanmar. Burma is recognized by the world as The Golden Land for its rich of land and wealth of its minerals and agriculture, it is also enriched with significant cultural tradition, great natural beauty and an amazingly eventful history more than 2,500 years of Buddhist civilization.  

Apart from Healing Activities, this retreat will include visits to Lonely Planets Most Recommended Sites such as Pagoda Temples in Yangon, to the Riverside & Breathtaking Beauty of Bagan to the pristine Inle Lake.  

So join us for a brilliant opportunity to reconnect with the power you have within yourself surrounded by a picturesque Himalayan landscape, where energetically “material and spiritual development happen together.”


Date for Retreat:

October 6th – 13th (6 nights & 7 days)

Retreat Activities:


(1)   Healing Workshops, Experiential Sessions & Fearless Living Activities with Denis Murphy  
 (2) Pagoda Temple Includes Visits to Lonely Planets Most Recommended Sites such as Pagoda Temples in Yangon, to the Riverside & Breathtaking Beauty of Bagan to the Pristine Inle Lake 
 (3) INLE LAKE Exploring in the Beautiful Breathtaking Landscape around Bagan & Biking around the Villages of Inle Lake
 (4) Sunrise Balloon Sunrise Balloon Ride in Bagan (Not included in the package) 
 (5) Board a local sunset boat for a slow cruise down the Irrawaddy River in the evening. As you cruise the waters, observe the lifestyle of the fishermen and riverside villagers as well as enjoying the unique perspective of Bagan’s temples.
Explore the sights and sounds of pristine and unspoilt nature of Burma through motor or canoe boats along with nature walks and trails.

Snapshots Of Burma Retreat


Cancellation Policy:

  • Subject to Airline: Flights are non refundable however a credit note is provided by fly Dubai with a cancellation fee.
  • Hotel Cancellation: 30 Days Before Travel (100%) refund 20 Days Before Travel (50%) Refund 10 Days Before Travel (10%) Refund
  • Illuminations will charge an AED 1,500 dirham cancellation fee
  • No bookings will be guaranteed till the full payment is complete. Should clients pay a deposit and not complete the amount, Illuminations will still deduct AED 1500/- and open up space to another participant. 

Facilitated By Denis Murphy: By Dubai's Leading Thought Leader and Fearless Living Facilitator & Illuminations Senior Energy Healer


    In such a short span of time in the UAE, Denis Murphy has managed to become one of Illuminations fastest growing             thought leadership facilitators. He is one of the world's finest energy healers, and most of our clients will be able to vouch       for that! Denis Murphy uses the latest mind-body medicine and energetic techniques to release emotional and physical         pain as well as creative blockages. Combining energy work, shamanism and spiritual insight you see results in                       unimaginable time frames. His approach is based on taking 100% responsibility for your life! "

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