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Denis Murphy

Title: Holistic Facilitator, Energy Worker, New Thought Leader & Fearless Master

Holistic Approaches Include:

  • Energetically Releases Fears & Emotional Patterns

Services Offered: Awareness Seminars, Self-Empowerment Workshops, Private Consultations on Energetic Matrix for Fearless & Effortless Living, Spiritual Retreats

Languages Spoken: English

Nationality: British

About Denis:

Denis is an internationally renowned development coach, visionary and energy medicine practitioner. He combines thousands of coaching hours, busines acumen, extensive worldwide travel and cultural exposure with the latest mind-body medicine and energetic knowledge, which enables him to offer a truly unique and unparalleled personal development experience. He is most famously known for helping individuals, entrepreneurs and companies become more successful in unimaginable time frames.

To supplement people’s transformation he has extensively studied natural nutrition, strength and conditioning as well as the most up to date hands on rehabilitation and massage techniques.

Denis has recently been nominated and recognised as a fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts and the RoundTable team will be supporting the RSA on a number of global initiatives through 2018 in line with their three global goals of Empowerment, Environment and Education.


After experiencing his work, Here are a few comments that, Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Musicians & Housewives & even life coaches had to share:

” Since my session with Denis, I am no longer experiencing migraines. “

“ I’m blessed to meet many magical folks in the field . . . and every now and again, someone pops up with an undisputed X-Factor. Denis is one of those for me – I don’t doubt he’ll be a major name in the none too distant future.

“ Denis said that he was confident he could get rid of the twitching so I continued to see him for a further six 1⁄2 hour sessions. To my amazement it went. I can’t tell you how thankful I am. Thank you very much.”

“ Being a healer in all sorts of modalities, I expected the normal run of the mill approaches, but was incredibly astounded when Denis used a technique I have never seen nor heard off…Denis managed to alter my state on a cellular level, with proof in actual lab tests. I experienced physical somatics but more over fear started to move away…I simply love how Denis empowers his clients with his knowledge rather than having you come back time and again. He beliefs with the right tools you can stay fearless and always heal yourself.”

Denis Murphy is currently not instructing any classes.