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FREE Seminar! Holistic Parenting through Conscious Nurturing

  • Dubai
  • September 26, 2018
  • Wednesday, 8.30 AM to 9.30 AM

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FREE Seminar! Holistic Parenting through Conscious Nurturing


Wednesday, 8.30 AM to 9.30 AM
September 26, 2018


Arpita Gupta

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FREE Seminar! Holistic Parenting through Conscious Nurturing


Wednesday, 8.30 AM to 9.30 AM
September 26, 2018


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Summer holidays are coming to an end and you have probably started to prepare yourself and your child for a brand new school year.

If your ‘back to school list’ has been ticked off, new uniforms, lunch boxes and stationery are in place and you are now wondering how to effectively spend your mornings after you drop your little ones to school before heading back home or to office – then join us for our brand new Wellness Wednesday Series for the month of September.

The topic for this month is Holistic Parenting Through Conscious Nurturing.

Raising a child in a fast-paced culture, whose needs are largely dependent on you, is a huge responsibility for any individual.

Every parent intends to give their children the best they can. However many may not be aware that every thought, action, and word spoken can shape their child’s development and their overall life in later years.

This seminar aims to give participants a bird’s eye view on conscious nurturing and shed light on the skills and knowledge that they can utilize to nurture their child to attain their best potential:

05 Sept – Part 1 Foundation for Holistic Parenting

  • – A brief view of understanding the development and interplay of the mind
  • – The Conscious, Sub-conscious and Critical mind – development and roles
  • – Understanding the role of the subconscious mind and how this influences our emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual development in the later years
  • – Nature of the mind and patterns

12 Sept – Part 2 Heal Your Inner Child

  • – Heal Your Past and Resolve Your Issues in order to be a better parent for your child
  • – Examining how our unresolved history and needs affect our relationship and interaction with our child
  • – Understanding the concept of Inner Child – creation to integration
    Healing Your Inner Child – group exercise

19 Sep – Part 3 Understanding Your Own and Your Child’s Communication Style

  • – Understanding the development of your child’s communication pattern – Literal vs. Inferential
  • – Influencers that affect the way information is taken in and given out
  • – Questionnaire – Suggestibility
  • – Understanding the different stages of development, and how a child acquires different skills through their journey in life

26 Sep – Part 4 Mindful Parenting for Early Years

  • – Identifying the dysfunctional family roles that children are susceptible to fall into aims to provide a solid foundation to conscious parenting
  • – Snapshot of how to deal with loss in the family and understanding the stages of loss
  • – Bird’s eye view on Depression – types, triggers identification and symptoms
  • – Overview of Passive Aggressive Behavior, causes, and identification

We welcome you to make parenting a ‘Happy’ and ‘Joyful’ experience!

Facilitated By:


Arpita Gupta

Holistic Consultant

Arpita is a Holistic Consultant at Illuminations Well-being Center dedicated to providing lifestyle coaching and consultancy through Hypnotherapy, Empowerment Training and Facilitation.

She is passionate about mental health and well-being, and finds joy in empowering individuals to find their path to happiness and harmony through self discovery and healing. In her personal quest to find balance and harmony in life, she left behind a successful career in the corporate sector and started her journey of self development and learning.