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Basic Angel Therapy Healing Training Program


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Basic Angel Therapy Healing Training Program


Saturday, 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM
September 29, 2018


Nazish Khan

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Basic Angel Therapy Healing Training Program


Saturday, 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM
September 29, 2018


Investment: AED 1250/- (+5% VAT)


For more information please email us at OR call 04 4487043 OR WhatsApp on +971 50 910 4710.

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About the Training Program:

The Angel Healing Practitioner certification course encourages you to get in touch with and understand your intuition, read energy and to conduct angel readings confidently and to learn how to work with the angels for healing. You will also discover the ways in which the angelic realm communicates with you and learn to receive messages, information and Divine guidance and healing from the angels.

There was a time when angels were the stuff, children’s stories were made of. Fantastic beings that made us all smile and believe in the goodness of things. However, are angels really fantastic? There are many people today who are trying to connect to their angels. Communicating with the angels is a profound experience. A beautiful feeling, it can greatly affect your spiritual belief system. In this Angel workshop, students will be taught:

  1. 1. How to connect with angels
  2. 2. Manifest your goals and desires with the help of angels.
  3. 3. Learn the art of meditation, Communicate, connect, receive angelic messages and signs, feel and see the angels.
  4. 4. How angels can help you in your day to day life with regards to Health, wealth and prosperity.
  5. 5. Learn how to heal with the help of angels in an easy to understand way.
  6. 6. Cord cutting and forgiveness, how to remove negativity in us and around us with the help of angels.
  7. 7. Learn how to use crystals and how to heal.
  8. 8. Candle rituals with the help of angels.
  9. 9. Angel signs of health wealth and prosperity.
  10. 10. How to use angel amulets to get what we want

Facilitated By:

20.Nazish Khan-min

Nazish Khan

Holistic Healing Practitioner & Spiritual Psychologist

Nazish is a psychology post graduate with a spiritual-energetic approach in life. She works with energy methods like reiki, access bars & access body processes which works to create a powerful healing portal in a person and creates major life shifts in many areas of life toward better living and health. She did her post graduation in Clinical Psychology from Bangor University, Wales, UK and followed her passion to integrate her scientific knowledge in healing and spirituality. She studied many approaches in her attempt to explore the healing modalities. To name a few-hypnotherapy, reiki, access consciousness, angels, crystals, yoga & meditation etc.