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Illuminations Worldwide
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Powerful Scientific Evidence & Research on the Positive Effects of Reconnective Healing


Reconnective Healing-More Effective than Physical Therapy

Reconnective Healing is a comprehensive approach to life progress and overall health, balance, spirituality and wholeness. For over 20 years, founder Dr. Eric Pearl and his trained practitioners have been traveling the world, serving the global community as ambassadors for this evolutionary movement in healthcare.

Reconnective Healing has clear, significant and measurable results. In a recent study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, Reconnective Healing was tested alongside Reiki and Physical Therapy on people with limited range of motion in their shoulders. The results showed that Reconnective Healing was more than twice as effective as physical therapy in increasing their range of motion.

Reconnective Healing also brought about 30% greater improvement compared with the improvement brought about by Reiki.

Reconnective Healing has significant health and lifespan impacts. Gary Schwartz, Ph.D., Lab Director of Advances in Consciousness and Health at the University of Arizona, tested the longevity of four groups of leaves from the same tree. The control leaves, which were severed and left to die naturally, perished between 3-12 days. When Reconnective Healing was applied to another set of severed leaves, the leaves began healing quickly, some leaves regenerated roots, and the leaves’ lifespans lasted up to 90 days – significantly longer than those treated with Reiki and Qi Gong.

About Dr. Eric Pearl &The Reconnection:

Dr. Eric Pearl walked away from one of the most successful chiropractic practices in Los Angeles when he and others started witnessing miraculous healings. Since that time, he has committed himself to imparting the light and information of the Reconnective Healing process through extensive lectures and seminars about “The Reconnection.”
Dr. Pearl has appeared on countless television programs in the U.S. and around the world. He has also spoken by invitation at the United Nations, has presented to a full house at Madison Square Garden, and his seminars have been featured in various publications including The New York Times.
Reconnective Healing (RH) is an easy to learn healing process that has helped millions of people and changed lives overnight. It is scientifically recognized as the most advanced form of energy healing available. It goes beyond physical treatment by returning one back to an optimal state of balance.

Join Dr. Eric Pearl & His Team, December 9-12, 2016


Dubai Reconnective Healing Training Program Movenpick Hotel Jumeirah Beach Residence Dubai

Level I: The Essentials of Reconnective Healing Training Program™

• Friday-Saturday, December 9th-10th from 9:30am-7:00pm (Registration begins at 8:45am)

Experience and discover how to interact with the Reconnective Healing Frequencies™ with expanded awareness. You will learn how to feel, follow, connect and interact with this all-encompassing spectrum of Energy, Light & Information®. Reconnect… with your true essence, evolution and actual potential.

Level II: Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner Program™
• Sunday-Monday, December 11th-12th from 9:30am-7:00pm (Registration begins at 8:45am)

This two-day event emphasizes your ownership of the work and how to prepare yourself to offer Reconnective Healing as a profession. The advanced training will include practice modules with concentrated table time, facilitating distance healing sessions and an in-depth explanation of the science and philosophy that is Reconnective Healing.

Register Now & Save 20% off (AED 1050) the Full Event Price of AED 5250
*Exclusive Offer only available for Illuminations Clients & Members, expires September 30, 2016

*Flexible Installment Plan & Payment Options Availableby using the code: DUB10Pi

To Register, please visit:


Stop Being Selfish - Live Your Purpose!

Have you ever had that nagging feeling that you are supposed to be doing something else? Something that is only you can do? And have you ever then, doubted yourself for having had this feeling... rubbished it by reminding yourself that you were just another ordinary person who had no business thinking about being special in any way?

Well if the above is true for you then let me tell you:


Selfish? You may ask and my answer to you is yes again – STOP BEING SELFISH.

Each one of us is a unique spark of creation, special, perfect and complete. In the journey of our life, it is our job to simply find our own authenticity and then unabashedly live it. Expressing our TRUTH is our life purpose and we each express our truth in different ways.

It is through the expression of our uniqueness that The Universe/God expresses itself and this expression of our truth is always beneficial to mankind.

Let me elaborate just to confuse you further…

When you experience any kind of difficulty in your life, it solely exists to stir you in the direction of your truth so that through that seemingly difficult situation, you are able to blossom and bloom into the purest version of yourself. Karma is the teacher who knows your potential and will nudge you through lifetimes to help you to shine. Sometimes well, oftentimes this nudging can feel like a punishment, like a wormhole through which there seems to be no way out and then people seek therapy to forgive, to release, to accept and this is all ok – in fact it is great to be able to understand your story as it will help you to get in touch with your truth. But I must say that getting lost in your story is futile and sometimes even detrimental to your progress because ultimately we as human beings are givers, here to give and express. It is through the authentic giving of ourselves that we can find lasting joy and contentment.

So if you are reading this then maybe it’s time to think. Rise above your story because your story is just that – a story. What is real is you – you are here to do something unique, special and authentic. The truth my dear friend is that the world needs you to live your divine life purpose. It is time for you to wake up and smell the aroma of your highest potential. Investigate into your authenticity.

I often encourage people to explore Astrology, not because it can be used to predict the future – NO because nobody can do that, but because Astrology is a great way to meet your true self. It is like looking at a metaphysical photograph of yourself and a photograph does not lie. You may not like what you see, but the photo will show you the truth. Your birth chart is the divine blueprint of what you intended to express is life journey. Everything charted out to help you to express your truth and highest potential not through fear but through love. The hardships the joys, the highs and the lows, all to help you to come into your authenticity and live your purpose.

Take that step forward and meet yourself… you are special important and worth it!!


Article Contributed By: Ruchi Khanna 


Ruchi Khanna is a keen student of human behavior and the deep psychological patterns that create life. Her studies as a Master Hypnotist have taught her the intricacies of why and how people land into challenging situations and also about how one can overcome these.

Ruchi was brought up in India with a very close association with astrology because of her family who frequently consulted astrologers for various issues. However she herself was a skeptic as nobody was able to explain the science behind astrology to her and it all seemed like fear based mumbo jumbo.
Being intuitive since childhood, Ruchi naturally deviated towards holistic healing modalities as a young adult and it was a spiritual experience that she had in her pregnancy that led her to explore the metaphysical world.

The universe conspired to bring her to her karmic path and at 29, with the return of Saturn in her birth chart her life dramatically shifted. With difficulty, Ruchi started treading upon what she now knows to be her life path.

She initially studied Vedic Astrology simply to dispel the fear behind the dreadful return of Saturn but later found so much truth and wisdom in the birth chart. It became so much easier for her to understand her unique life journey – with complete gratitude and acceptance and it is this wisdom that she desires to share with her clients.

Her understanding of the human mind combined with the wisdom of the stars and the karma they unfold, will allow her clients to see their soul path clearly. They will be able to better understand their own unique journey and get the best from their life. Ruchi also prescribes various remedies and councils her clients into understanding the ‘why’s’ of what they are going through in their life because ultimately the purpose of life is to shine.

Your soul plan is your map to joy and her mission is to be able to make people embrace who they are and what they are here to do.


2016 – The Year of the Fire Monkey

The Year of the Wood Goat is slowly coming to an end and on February 4, 2016 we will be entering the Year of the Fire Monkey.


In the Chinese calendar system, this particular year will be dominated by two elements: Fire and Metal. According to the cycle of birth and destruction, which is one of the cornerstones of Chinese Metaphysics and everything related to Feng Shui, Fire is in direct clash with Metal, as it has the ability to destroy (“melt”) Metal. This indicates a year of disharmony and somewhat explosive tempers. However, due to the playful and very straightforward nature of the Monkey, arguments and conflicts tend to be resolved rather quickly and compromises abound.

The Monkey is the clash animal for the Tiger. So, while those of us born in the year of the Monkey will have a great year ahead, full of life-changing opportunities, Tiger people might want to tread lightly and just go with the flow this year. Especially those Tiger people who like to engage in sports are more prone to sport injuries and accidents than others. Tiger and Monkey are both so-called Traveling Stars, and together they form a “Horse Carriage Clash” – an indication for a higher risk of traffic and road-related accidents.

In terms of health, a Fire-Metal clash is often an indicator for respiratory issues, gastric and intestinal problems, as well as illnesses involving the prostate.

When it comes to the Feng Shui of your residence or office, the Year of the Monkey will bring particular challenges to the Northeast sector, where the #5 Yellow Calamity Star takes residence. Generally regarded as a rather negative Star, the #5 Yellow finds itself in a very rare combination this year, which enhances its harmful energies. If you happen to have your bedroom or study/desk in the Northeast, it would be highly advisable to move away from this sector of the house (until February 3, 2017). It would be safest to keep this area of your home or business as undisturbed and quiet as possible.

The Wealth sectors for the Year of the Monkey reside in the Southwest, East and Southeast. To take full advantage of the favorable energies residing in these sectors, either sleep or work there. Alternatively, try to spend as much time as possible in these areas of your residence or office, to keep the energies active.

Join Our Classical Feng Shui Events in February 2016 to Learn More About How to Harness Feng Shui for Your Home and Office!

Article Contributed By: Susanne Schutz, Feng Shui Consultant at Illuminations


Susanne Schutz is the Founder and Managing Director of Suzhong Consulting Limited, a Classical Feng Shui consulting firm. She is currently the only Hong Kong based foreign Feng Shui consultant. Susanne has spent 20 years in Asia (China, India & the Philippines), where she worked as a business and management consultant for almost 16 years before deciding to follow her passion to become a Feng Shui consultant.
She took a sabbatical to study with Grandmaster “Dato” Joey Yap in Kuala Lumpur and graduated with distinction from the Mastery Academy for Chinese Metaphysics with a degree in Classical Feng Shui.
She has since settled down in Hong Kong where she offers Feng Shui consulting for residential and commercial projects. Susanne is passionate about bringing the true spirit of Feng Shui into a modern context, while also educating the expat/non-Chinese communities in Hong Kong and SE Asia about the background, history and core principles of Feng Shui. She frequently presents to expat associations and clubs, and also conducts Feng Shui city and hiking tours in and around Hong Kong.


Illuminations Gratitude List for 2015!

The year of 2015 has flown by so quickly and 2016 is just around the corner!

Whilst we are all so busy achieving our targets, completing our to do lists and motivating ourselves towards bigger and brighter goals. There is always going to be more to do and more to aspire towards because potential of creation is limitless!

However it is equally important to sit back, reflect and express gratitude for all the achievements so far and appreciate our selves and those around us who have contributed to our growth in every way! 

It’s been an amazing, inspiring and productive year for us at Illuminations and we have so much to be grateful for.

Here is our gratitude list for Illuminations in 2015 that we want to share with all of you what we are grateful for 

1. We organized Promoted and executed an event One of Dubai’s largest holistic healing and training program with World Renowned Author & Healer, Dr. Eric Pearl & Reconnective Healing in November 2015 with over a 125 participants!

With this success we open up a new space of bringing down some of the most established names in the field of Mind-Body-Energy Healthcare.


3_copy6    4_copy8

2. We organized 7 Amazing Spiritual and Wellness Destination Retreats in amazing and exotic locations including, Burma, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Himalayas & Mahableshwar!


3. We doubled our management team and grew from a team of 4 to a team of 8!


4. We collaborated with the Dubai Ladies Club to host our meditations and activities.


5. Illumination’s launches our Global Franchise Program, so that we can open up in cities all over the world

6.  We have met so many amazing souls at Illuminations and we are so grateful for creating a platform for likeminded individuals to share, grow learn and evolve together!
9 10

We would like to thank all our facilitators, the management team; and our clients for contributing towards are happiness, success, growth and inspirations!

Live Light & Seasons Greetings to All!


Hello Spirituality!

Founder Soniyaa Kiran Punjabi Features Hello Magazine: September in the 2015 UAE & October 2015 INDIA

Learn more about her story, her beginnings with Illuminations, and the journey so far...with a touch of glamour! 

blog image.png

HELLO! Indo-Arabia is your monthly window into the aspirational homes and lives of international celebrities, royalty, businessmen and society

This article features Soniyaa on a glamorous new avatar quite contrary to her everyday simplicity and persona.

Read Excerpts from Her Interview:

Tell us about why you started Illuminations.

I have always been interested in the concept of miracles, coincidences, destiny and a higher unseen power within and around us, which I term as the universe. One of my closest friends passed away in a car accident when we were 19 years old.

It brought a lot of questions to my mind about life, death, the after-life, past lives...It made me realize how short life really is despite the illusion of permanency. His death propelled me to look for answers beyond the physical world. When I applied all the tools I picked up during my quest, I was able to let go of negative patterns; it changed my life forever. I found my true potential and I felt that everyone needed to know about this!

What Would You Say is the most challenging part of your job?

The toughest part of my job was fi nding the right people to delegate my work to. To trust that others would work with the same passion. Luckily, I have now created an excellent team who treat Illuminations like their own. I realised I had managed to overcome this challenge when I spent most of the summer traveling, and my team handled the business better than I would have!

Download the Full Article Here! :



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