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3 Tips to make space for your future!

The energy around the spaces we spend a lot of time in, such as our home or office has the capacity to affect our mental, physical and emotional states in more ways than we can imagine!

Do you feel something in your space blocking you from living the life you desire? Then follow these 3 tips from our expert at Illuminations, Yogmitra - Indian Mystic, Energy Channeler & Tibetan Healer and see an instant shift in energy in your space!

Tip 1 - Lighting a candle & Incense Stick

Space Clearing using incense stick

Light an incense or a candle in the morning & evening to begin your space clearing journey. You can do this in your prayer room/space, living room, bedroom, kitchen and even your washroom. This quick ritual will help you relax and get you ready to begin your day on a positive note.

Tip 2 - Smudging Palo Santo
2 tip using palo santo

Palo Santo is a strong medicine that has been popularized for its heavenly presence in keeping energies grounded and clear. You can burn/smudge Palo Santo in the morning and allow the smoke to gently spread through your environment. This is an effective way to energetically cleanse and quickly raise the vibration of your home or office.

Tip 3 - Smudging Sage

tip 3 using sage

Sage smudging ritual is one of the oldest method to purify your aura and environment. Take a Sage bundle and carefully burn it in your space to get rid of unwanted spirits and wave the smoke into all corners to purify and cleanse. Remember to burn the Sage in a safe container to hold the heat.

Pave way for new things to come in with these space clearing tips and flourish in every aspect of your life including: financial, relationships and health. Don't forget to let us know your experiences!

At Illuminations we offer space clearing solutions for your home or office so that you can avail the benefits of residing in a space, which radiates positive energy!

To listen to our expert: CLICK HERE

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11 Relaxation Tips for Tired Bodies and Stressed Minds

Illuminations, is a Dubai-based well-being center offering a variety of different services based on holistic healing, mental well-being and personal growth. 

Our goal is to empower you to detangle from the stressors of daily life and expand beyond your self-imposed limitations to create a happier and healthier life!

We introduce 11 Relaxation tips to destress from tired bodies and stressed minds!
1. Sit still and focus on your breathing:

Inhale slowly and deeply for eight seconds, then exhale slowly for eight seconds. Repeat this five or six times. It helps bring more oxygen to the brain.
2. Go for a walk around the block:


This will help you to breathe more deeply and improves circulation
3. Visualize:


Breathe deeply and think of a place that gives you comfort: a private beach, a garden, a cozy room.

4. Use Essential Oils:


such as lavender, geranium, sandalwood, neroli, and bergamot soothe and relax. Combinations of these oils can be used in either spray, roll-on or diffuser form.

5. Strike a deal with a trusted friend or co-worker to be stress-busting pals:

Whine! Bellyache about what's making you feel stressed. Get really dramatic and by the end you may both find yourselves laughing hysterically.
6. Divide a piece of paper into two parts:

On the right side, list the stressors you may be able to change, and on the left, list the ones you can’t. Change what you can, and stop fretting over what you can’t.

7. Be clear about your limits, and stop trying to please everyone all the time:

Trying to do everything is a one-way ticket to serious stress.
8. Stretching loosens muscles and encourages deep breathing, which in turn helps you to relax:

Muscles tighten during the course of the day, and when we feel stressed out, the process accelerates.

9. Soaking in a tub full of warm water can work wonders when you're feeling stressed:

The warm water relaxes you physically, loosening tight, stiff muscles. And, as a result, you relax mentally as well. Add some aromatic oils and some bath salts and your set.

10. It's a proven fact that soothing music can be relaxing:

The type of music you choose is entirely up to you. Buy a CD featuring soft, modern ballads, gentle classics, smooth jazz, or Nature inspired music. When you feel stressed, pop the music into the player and let the music carry you away.

11. Meditate:

focusing the mind on a word, phrase, or idea and letting go of other thoughts with an attitude of passive acceptance for relaxation or making positive changes.

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How Are Yoga and Meditation Related?


Yoga is defined as the union of the mind, body and spirit, and hence the practice of yoga is a spiritual, mental and physical discipline. Many people associate Yoga as an exercise, however it is much more than that. Yoga is a way of life involving body postures, controlled styles of breathing and stillness of mind, in order to achieve a relaxed body, calm mind, along with several other scientifically proven health benefits.

Meditation is part of the mental yoga practice and one key element of Yoga, in order to achieve higher states of mental awareness and relaxation. A Yoga practice is rarely complete without the practice of meditation.

While our energies are focussed to do asanas (poses) in specific way, in that moment nothing goes in our mind- we are focussed and engaged. That’s what we also do in meditation. We focus our mind on our breath. The idea is to bring our mind to one state that is focussed. When all other thoughts stop and we experience a unity of mind, body and spirit.

In that way yoga and meditation are bringing us closer to the same state- that is oneness.
Yoga consists of eight fold path. To achieve nirvana – ultimate freedom, a yogi walks on this path.
1. Yamas (Don’ts or Restraints)
2. Niyamas (Do’s or Observances)
3. Asanas (Exercises and poses)
4. Pranayamas (Breathing exercises and techniques)
5. Pratyahara (Control of the senses)
6. Dharana (Concentration)
7. Dhyana (Meditation) and
8. Samadhi (A super-conscious state)


Meditation is an important state to achieveSamadhi- or union with divine. Buddha achieved Samadhi while he was sitting in lotus pose or padmasan and meditating.

Inorder to achieve a goodmind body connect we need to communicate at the level of both mind and body. The principle of yoga, the asanas or poses along with meditation and a yogic lifestyle has answers to our existential questions. We just need to be as true to our selves and our bodies as we can.



Article Contributed By: Nazish Khan on behalf of Illuminations Well-Being Center 


Nazish is a clinical psychologist with a post-graduation certificate in psychodynamic approaches to counseling from Bangor University, Wales, and UK. She combines her professional expertise with holistic healing approaches in order achieve fascinating and breakthrough results for her clients.

This includes integrated hypnotherapy where she interweaves beautiful concepts of inner child work, emotional healing, energy healing through Reiki and aura cleansing, past life regression and meditation and yoga techniques.

She provides a complete mind-body-energy healing approach to facilitate a complete wellness solution for her clientele.

Benefits Include: Relationship Resolution, Freedom from anxiety, addiction cessation, emotional empowerment and much more!



Hiring a Feng Shui Consultant – What Happens During a Feng Shui Audit ?


We live in a time of opportunities, challenges and constant changes. We all strive to achieve our goals but the most successful individuals achieve their goals and objectives through determination and confidence when tackling challenges and potential hurdles.

Maybe your business is running smoothly and you enjoy your work, but your relationship or your health suffers. Or perhaps your love life is thriving, but your business and your financial situation leave much to be desired. Those of us who wish to achieve a more balanced life, can tap into the positive Qi (Life Energy) in our environment. Connecting with this powerful positive Qi helps us to:
  • Improve our health and wellbeing
  • Improve wealth and career goals
  • Find a new romantic relationship or improve an existing one
  • Improve those aspect of our lives that seem to be neglected and lacking in positive energy
Consultations conducted personally by Susanne Schutz

Susanne Schutz will visit your property (land, house or apartment) and perform the Feng Shui audit in your presence. Depending on the size of the property and the project scope, as well as your audit requirements, the time involved can vary.

Following the survey, we will prepare an audit report within 5 – 7 working days. This report will contain the Feng Shui assessment of your property, as well as detailed recommendations and comprehensive remedies. A follow-up visit will be scheduled during which the client can go through the report with me and I’ll be happy answer and clarify all questions related to the report, the audit and the suggested remedies.

Join Our Classical Feng Shui Events in May 2016 to Learn More About How to Harness Feng Shui for Your Home and Office!

Article Contributed By: Susanne Schutz, Feng Shui Consultant at Illuminations


Susanne Schutz is the Founder and Managing Director of Suzhong Consulting Limited, a Classical Feng Shui consulting firm. She is currently the only Hong Kong based foreign Feng Shui consultant. Susanne has spent 20 years in Asia (China, India & the Philippines), where she worked as a business and management consultant for almost 16 years before deciding to follow her passion to become a Feng Shui consultant.

She took a sabbatical to study with Grandmaster “Dato” Joey Yap in Kuala Lumpur and graduated with distinction from the Mastery Academy for Chinese Metaphysics with a degree in Classical Feng Shui.

She has since settled down in Hong Kong where she offers Feng Shui consulting for residential and commercial projects. Susanne is passionate about bringing the true spirit of Feng Shui into a modern context, while also educating the expat/non-Chinese communities in Hong Kong and SE Asia about the background, history and core principles of Feng Shui. She frequently presents to expat associations and clubs, and also conducts Feng Shui city and hiking tours in and around Hong Kong.


How the Planets Influence Our Personality


Every planet in the solar system and beyond, has its own consciousness. When I say consciousness I mean – energy signature that is distinctly its own. For example Saturn is or exudes the consciousness of determination, hard work, perseverance, fear and treachery.

Now you may ask how it is possible to be the energy of perseverance and also of fear. The answer to that is that both perseverance and fear are of the same energetic essence, vibrating at different frequencies. When one succumbs to circumstances, it creates fear… when one confronts circumstances, it creates perseverance.

Similarly every planet has its own energetic essence. Mercury is the consciousness of curiosity, intelligence, innocence, confusion and communication. Venus is the consciousness of relationships, Mars is the ability to act in the moment, passion, restlessness and enthusiasm. Jupiter is the energy of righteousness, dogma, hope and wisdom. Moon is feeling consciousness and Sun is soul power.

What is important to understand here is that all these planetary energies exist within each and every one of us because simply put, we are star dust in motion. Whatever is out there in the cosmos is also in here within each and every one of us. The planets come alive through the conscious human being.

Consciousness is expressed through the feelings and emotions experienced by us through our awareness. The more we grow, the more aware we are of our own highest potential, the more we vibrate from the higher frequencies of the planetary forces within us and then the consciousness of Saturn moves from fear to determination, Mercury moves from confusion to intelligence, Mars from restlessness to passion, Venus from insecurity to freedom in relationships etc.


It is important to understand that the planets and stars – what we refer to as Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology, are all living beings or intelligent forces of consciousness that are transforming and evolving through us. When I say this I mean the human race. Every planet and every Nakshatra (there are 27 that are featured in Vedic Astrology) in your chart, create the story of your life – a platform from where you can grow and explore your highest potential. When you understand these energies within your chart and hence within yourself you are able to live your life more fully… you are able to fulfill your purpose.

The ultimate purpose for all the galactic energies is to evolve and therefore that is our ultimate purpose too. Every day is a chance of evolution – to resolve our karma or simply to understand the energies that are holding us back and then to grow in the direction of the light or wisdom or understanding of our full, enlightened potential. And everyone has this opportunity – ultimately it’s all about how much effort you make in your life journey to work with this galactic consciousness that is your CHOICE.

You are everything and everything is you. The galactic energies work though each and every one of us because, through our awareness, collectively we are creating tomorrow. What does your tomorrow look like?


Article Contributed By: Ruchi Khanna  


Ruchi Khanna is a keen student of human behavior and the deep psychological patterns that create life. Her studies as a Master Hypnotist have taught her the intricacies of why and how people land into challenging situations and also about how one can overcome these.
Ruchi was brought up in India with a very close association with astrology because of her family who frequently consulted astrologers for various issues. However she herself was a skeptic as nobody was able to explain the science behind astrology to her and it all seemed like fear based mumbo jumbo.

Being intuitive since childhood, Ruchi naturally deviated towards holistic healing modalities as a young adult and it was a spiritual experience that she had in her pregnancy that led her to explore the metaphysical world.

The universe conspired to bring her to her karmic path and at 29, with the return of Saturn in her birth chart her life dramatically shifted. With difficulty, Ruchi started treading upon what she now knows to be her life path.

She initially studied Vedic Astrology simply to dispel the fear behind the dreadful return of Saturn but later found so much truth and wisdom in the birth chart. It became so much easier for her to understand her unique life journey – with complete gratitude and acceptance and it is this wisdom that she desires to share with her clients.

Her understanding of the human mind combined with the wisdom of the stars and the karma they unfold will allow her clients to see their soul path clearly. They will be able to better understand their own unique journey and get the best from their life. Ruchi also prescribes various remedies and councils her clients into understanding the ‘why’s’ of what they are going through in their life because ultimately the purpose of life is to shine.

Your soul plan is your map to joy and her mission is to be able to make people embrace who they are and what they are here to do.


Reconnect. Heal. Transform. With Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection By Dr. Eric Pearl!


Being part of a society, community or family comes with a network of relationships that are complex and myriad.  We have all gone through the experience of feeling disconnected and alienated from our loved ones.  For that matter, we often also experience an inability to connect with our own selves!

Spiritual and energy healing philosophies illustrate how this network of connections we exist in, extends through the entire universe. It is merely the question of being aware of these subtle connections at every level of our being.


With different energy healing techniques sprouting up in the alternate healing stream, it is useful perhaps to explore and hold onto the essence of healing itself in order to understand what these techniques unravel for us.

Most of these techniques construct the idea of a “healer” who through his/her healing medium is able to expand someone’s energy to experience wellness and overcome the physical body’s troubles. But what is the source of this healer’s capacity to heal?

If such a capacity implies a tapping into the universal source of energy, can we all perhaps be healers through the capacity to be aware and harness this energy?

Reconnective Healing is said to completely transcend traditional energy healing techniques as it makes one let go of the concept and approach of “technique” itself.  It does not promote healing you but putting you in touch with the healer within yourself and every other being. It pronounces itself neither as therapy nor as treatment, as it does not focus on symptoms. It claims to simply interact with the Reconnective Healing Frequencies, bringing about transformative healings that are often instantaneous and tend to be life long.

“Become the healing instrument that you already are,” says Dr. Eric Pearl who has taken Reconnected Healing in more than 100 countries worldwide. Eric’s hope is that one day everyone will learn to access this natural ability and will use it to heal themselves and others.


While science continues to discover how it works, Reconnective Healing has been confirmed and documented in numerous international studies. When Reconnective Healing Frequencies connect with our energy body, we are said to emit and vibrate at a higher level of light. This has been shown to restructure our DNA, resulting in the emission of measurably higher levels of bio-photonic light.

Stanford Professor Emeritus Dr. William Tiller says that when information is carried through the Reconnective Healing Frequencies, it creates coherence and order. In other words, greater harmony and balance within us.

The Reconnection is an accelerated exchange of the energy, light and information found in the Reconnective Healing Frequencies. It is a focused formation to connect three systems: the ley lines of our planet, the meridian lines of the human body and the universal energy grid. The Reconnection is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that ties us back into a timeless and infinite system of intelligence beyond the experience of our superficial physical being.

One Reconnective Healing Facilitator working on the Illuminations platform,  shares her experience with Reconnection as “such a beautiful all-encompassing energy healing. As healers it makes us reassess our attachment to “the healing process” and opens us up to the single source of all humanity.”

So the next time you feel disconnected, off-balance, out of sync, perhaps there is a much larger Reconnection awaiting you!



TV Interview with the Founder of Illuminations


It was an honor for Illuminations, when Soniyaa Kiran Punjabi, the founder was requested to be featured in Ultimate Like Segment of the Uma Show, a life style focused show that celebrates the life events and issues of people in the Middle East who have card a nice for themselves and are destined to go down in celebrated history.


The Uma Show has the highest viewership ratings on the Prime Time Slot on the Indian TV Channel called Colors. The show also features on MTV India.


Featuring on the Ultimate Like Segment, brings to light those people or concepts that have made the ultimate connection with society and made a difference. These people carry the essence of being “Ultimate”, “Modern” and “Aspirational” and are awarded the coveted “Ultimate Like” trophy.


Watch the Interview here to learn more about Soniyaa, her story and what inspired her to start Illuminations.


The Power of Living in the Present!


By Bharti Jatti Varma, Hypnotherapist & Holistic Healer at Illuminations

Life as we know is all about choices and one of the best choices that you can make is the choice to live in the Present.

But, what does 'Living in the Now' really mean? To understand it very simply it is the ability to be completely aware and experience life as it unfolds every moment without getting tangled in the past nor being worried about the uncertainty of the future.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? So, with a strong desire and some simple exercises you can train your mind to be in the Now.

The power of the breath is known to all of us, so I will share with you 2 simple Breathing exercises to initiate this process.

Spend a few minutes everyday to practice this and gradually see the technique and effects become a way of your life.

1) Cleansing Breath: A beautiful way to release negativity like anger, stress and frustration. Just close your eyes, and gently breathe in through the nose inhaling positive energy and blow out through the mouth exhaling negative energy or emotions. Repeat this cycle 21 times and then return to normal breathing.

2) Awareness to Breath: As you resume to your natural breathing pattern, feel the breath moving in and out of the body and become completely aware of this process. Every time you notice that your mind wanders off or starts to judge your experience very gently with compassion direct it back to the breath. Enjoy this process for a few minutes till you feel comfortable and it will start getting easier as you make it a regular practice.

Enjoy the Present moment!

To learn more you can enroll in our meditation classes for beginners that will strengthen your practice!


Illuminations Founder Wins Young Achievers Award!


Masala! Awards seek to applaud the achievements of the Asian community and its contribution towards making the UAE a haven of luxury and glamour. Instituted in the year 2008, it brings together eminent entrepreneurs, lifestyle experts and Bollywood celebrities in what is an ultimate celebration of talent and persistence. No wonder that the awards have become one of the region's most anticipated events. It was a night of glitz, glamour and recognition with Bollywood stars such as Abhishek Bachchan, Fawad Khan and Varun Dhawan making their presence.

Our founder Soniyaa Kiran Punjabi won the Young Female Achiever in Business Award at the ITP Ahlan Masala Awards 2014 (Judges Choice)


Our Gratitude To You!


We are also thankful to all of our lovely clients who have entrusted Illuminations and the merit and the value that they have found in our services.It is only through word of mouth, which has helped us grow so much so a big thank you to all of you!

 Through meditation, healing, yoga and more, at Illuminations, we inspire individuals from all walks of life to take charge of their life and expand beyond their established boundaries to create their own desired reality. It was only a vision and now becoming evident when we won an award at the Masala Awards 2014.

Our Gratitude To Our Management Team, Facilitators & Healers

We would also like to thank our renowned team of facilitators, healers, practitioners and our management for their continuous dedication and hard work. In their success lays ours.


Spiritual Healing Retreat - Paphos, Cyprus! 22nd - 24th October!

Need to reestablish your connection with your creative higher self? Need a soulful break to rediscover inner peace? After the success of our 1st retreat in the Himalayas, Illuminations now presents our 2nd 5- Day spiritual retreat charming seaside town of Paphos, Cyprus. Enjoy the wonderful restorative effects of a holiday under the Cypriot Mediterranean sun and learn how you can take this now-found peacefulness home with you! Read More

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