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Illuminations Gratitude List for 2015!

The year of 2015 has flown by so quickly and 2016 is just around the corner!

Whilst we are all so busy achieving our targets, completing our to do lists and motivating ourselves towards bigger and brighter goals. There is always going to be more to do and more to aspire towards because potential of creation is limitless!

However it is equally important to sit back, reflect and express gratitude for all the achievements so far and appreciate our selves and those around us who have contributed to our growth in every way! 

It’s been an amazing, inspiring and productive year for us at Illuminations and we have so much to be grateful for.

Here is our gratitude list for Illuminations in 2015 that we want to share with all of you what we are grateful for 

1. We organized Promoted and executed an event One of Dubai’s largest holistic healing and training program with World Renowned Author & Healer, Dr. Eric Pearl & Reconnective Healing in November 2015 with over a 125 participants!

With this success we open up a new space of bringing down some of the most established names in the field of Mind-Body-Energy Healthcare.


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2. We organized 7 Amazing Spiritual and Wellness Destination Retreats in amazing and exotic locations including, Burma, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Himalayas & Mahableshwar!


3. We doubled our management team and grew from a team of 4 to a team of 8!


4. We collaborated with the Dubai Ladies Club to host our meditations and activities.


5. Illumination’s launches our Global Franchise Program, so that we can open up in cities all over the world

6.  We have met so many amazing souls at Illuminations and we are so grateful for creating a platform for likeminded individuals to share, grow learn and evolve together!
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We would like to thank all our facilitators, the management team; and our clients for contributing towards are happiness, success, growth and inspirations!

Live Light & Seasons Greetings to All!


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