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What Does Wellness Really Mean?

Wellness is a popular term we hear and speak in every other conversation these days. A lot is written and discussed about wellness too; but what does it really mean? 

There are many ways to describe this concept and there is really no right or wrong explanation, but I will share with you how I look at and experience wellness in my life.


Wellness is more than counting calories or going to the gym. It is a beautiful space that moves you into a state of balance – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.   

To experience wellness in and around you, it is important become aware of oneself.   

Begin by observing your thoughts and actions for a period of time; not to change or judge yourself but simply to understand where you stand in your current space.  

Once you are aware and acknowledge your existing patterns of thoughts and habits; use your emotional scale as an inner guidance to scale or categorize your experiences on a daily basis under simple feelings of joy, sadness, anger, excitement, love, hate and so on.

Becoming aware of your emotional grid gives you the power and choice to shift yourself from dense emotions like fear anger to joy love by focusing on good feelings thus arresting the negative feelings in early stages.  

The formula is simple but you need to stay committed to honor and accept your feelings on an ongoing basis without judgments and be willing to shift any low feeling to a high vibrating one as soon as you catch your emotional meter dipping!  

Create your own customized feel-good list that will keep you aligned to the feelings of joy and love.  You can start by listing all those things that brings a smile to your face and keeps your emotions light. Include anything to the list from- spending time with family or pets, cooking, meditating, cycling, swimming, dancing, journaling and the list can go on;  and everyday spend  mindful time doing a few things that’s on the list; Whenever your emotional meter experiences a low or dip, simply  chose something that’s on your list to gently and naturally lift your emotions.  

As you do this regularly you will begin to   feel the balance and wellness in every sphere, experience and relationship in life begin to soar!

Article Contributed By: Bharti Jatti Varma 

Bharti is a holistic therapist conducting various services on behalf of Illuminations Well-Being Center in Dubai.

Bharti’s passion and communication skills make her extremely popular in front of larger audiences! She is also a chosen favorite with corporate programs due to her ability and flexibility to connect to anyone and everyone!

With a Background in Psychology and a keen interest to explore the intricacies of the human mind, body and energy system, she began her study in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Response and Energy Healing Approaches.

Through her personal journey of self-discovery and self-development, Bharti learnt to distance herself from any limiting beliefs and patterns that prevented her from achieving her true potential of happiness, success and harmony in her everyday life.

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