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TV Interview with the Founder of Illuminations


It was an honor for Illuminations, when Soniyaa Kiran Punjabi, the founder was requested to be featured in Ultimate Like Segment of the Uma Show, a life style focused show that celebrates the life events and issues of people in the Middle East who have card a nice for themselves and are destined to go down in celebrated history.


The Uma Show has the highest viewership ratings on the Prime Time Slot on the Indian TV Channel called Colors. The show also features on MTV India.


Featuring on the Ultimate Like Segment, brings to light those people or concepts that have made the ultimate connection with society and made a difference. These people carry the essence of being “Ultimate”, “Modern” and “Aspirational” and are awarded the coveted “Ultimate Like” trophy.


Watch the Interview here to learn more about Soniyaa, her story and what inspired her to start Illuminations.


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