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Chakra & Energy Balancing Meditation

This class is taught by:

Sherry Katawala

Title: Holistic Facilitator, Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Reconnective Healer

Holistic Approaches include: Cognitive mental health restructuring, Reconnective healing


Services offered: Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Trauma Therapy (EMDR), Reconnective Healing, Metaphor Therapy, Training programs in self empowerment, psychological awareness and meditations.


Languages Spoken: English and Hindi


Nationality: Indian


About Sherry:


Sherry firmly believes that there is solution to every problem! Her background experience from working at a top hospital in Mumbai, gave her the perfect platform to blend her experience as a psychologist working in counseling and trauma therapy along with her professional skills as a trainer hypnotherapist and healer. Through her vast array of experiences in working with people from all walks of life, she has the ability to provide her clients with the best possible means to heal themselves.




“Sherry is one of those miracles of a human being. She really knows her stuff, and implies it in a way it's in-depth, intuitive and spot on!


My partner and I felt completely 'read' by her. I really like the fact she is a psychologist and mixes it with her intuition and other trainings. It allows her to give you a 'whole' rounded medical approach. Absolutely brilliant!


Thank you Sherry!” - Lija S.

“I must tell you without any reservation that our experience of meeting Madam Sherry was indeed extremely good we were highly impressed with her simple and lucid explanation for healing Chakras of Mrs Shah. We shall get back to you as soon as we make a decision for sessions with her.” - Chandrakant S.

Namraata Gulrajani

TitleHypnotherapy & Behavioral Therapist

Holistic Approaches Include:


• Hypnotherapy / CBT
• Time Line Therapy
• Reiki Healing
• Chakra Balancing & Alignment
• Energy Healing
• Psychotherapy

• Metaphor Therapy

• Tarot Reading

Services Offered: Private Consultations, Meditations, Workshops

Languages Spoken: English

Nationality: Indian


Certifications & Qualifications:


• Bachelor of Arts Psychology & Sociology Double Major - Sophia College, Bombay University
• Bachelor of Law LLB - Government Law College, Bombay University
• Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner certified by The American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
• Hypnosis Master Practitioner certified by The American Board of Hypnotherapy
• NeuroLinguistic Hypnotherapist certified by NFNLP
• Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy from California Hypnosis Institute
• Time Line Therapy Master Practitioner certified by Time Line Therapy Association
• mBraining Evolve Your World certified by mBIT, mBraining Middle East
• Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, Dubai
• Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy certified by The Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy
• Metaphor Therapy, Illuminations Dubai
• Theta Healing Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Manifestation, Game of Life and Intuitive Anatomy Certified by ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge
• Reiki Master, India and Dubai
• Crystal Healing, Dubai
• Chakra Balancing Natura, Australia
• Numerology, Dubai PRIISM
• Access Bar, Access Consciousness Dubai
• SRT, Illuminations Dubai

• Certified Executive Coach, International Coach Certification by International Coach Federation
• Certified Life Coach, International Coach Certification by International Coach Federation

About Namrata:


Namraata is Hypnotherapy & Behavioral Therapist conducting various services on behalf of Illuminations Dubai. She always has been fascinated with the working of the mind and the nadir and zenith it can bring a human to! So she graduated in Psychology and a second graduation in Law from the Bombay University. It was then that she moved to Dubai with her family.


Namraata has an entrepreneur background and is the co-founder of a leading bookstore in Dubai. When she came in to Dubai she identified the need for a better bookstore. She opened her first bookstore in 1992 with not enough startup capital and within the span of a decade she had grown it to 13 outlets in the UAE.


Two major financial crisis and downturn didn't keep her down. She believes in pulling herself together and coming back even stronger. It is her personal and spiritual crisis that steered her into her current path and calling. She reinvented herself with the tool and techniques that she now uses to help her clients empower themselves to break free of negative, self-sabotaging and limiting beliefs. She is motivated in facilitating people to discover the huge resources in them and utilize it to lead a more fulfilling life.


Namraata is also an intuitive energy healer and combines several modalities to bring an integrated approach to healing and empowering. She is also continuously studying to enhance her life and of those she touches.



I first met Namraata sometime back in April. I met her over the “phone”. I had not met her before that and did not know anything about her. I was going for a surgery and was quite nervous. Then one of my friends asked me to call Namraata and she added that I would feel better. I just said to myself. “Well, I won’t get worse so let me make that call”. I did not look back after that call.


I remember it was that night in April just one day before the surgery. I called her and instantly I felt connected to her, her voice .... it was the warmth of it all. She just got the depth of my issues at that time and the more I was talking to her, the more releases were happening without me realizing. I felt that I got my reply why I was going thru all the anxiety and the physical trauma my body was going thru for so many months. She made me understand how my emotional state could manifest itself in my physical reality.


Namraata was a very intuitive in her session and very skillfully she was able to take out the fear I kept inside of me. A fear that I kept for many years with me, fear that kept me away from being who I am, a fear that did not let me live at times, a fear that I kept as a guest which was not welcomed and yet I let it in my life for so many years. We addressed the underlying truth with ease and grace.


I went to the hospital the next day with more clarity and allowed the fear/beliefs to be taken out of me forever. The operation was successful inspite of it complications and recovery was quick as visualized in the session over the phone. I feel so better now. The next session in person allowed me further change as we had eliminated the huge resistance that blocked me for quite a long period. Thank you Namrata in facilitating the process by eliminating deeply rooted beliefs and creating new beliefs in me. Lots of gratitude to you.

- Sunita


Yogmitra Y

Title: Indian Mystic, Spiritual & Energy Healer & Tarot Reader

Holistic Approaches Include:


• Guidance Readings in Tarot & Angel Cards
• Tibetan Mantra Healing
• Angel Guidance & Healing Therapy
• Chakra Energy Healing & Aura Reading
• Crystal Healing
• Tibetan Mandala Color Therapy


Services Offered: Meditations, Private Consultations, Spiritual & Destination Retreats & Holistic training Programs


Languages Spoken: English, Hindi


Nationality: Indian


About Yogmitra:

Yogmitra is a spiritual healer and teacher with over 25 years of facilitation experience where he combines his years of study in the areas of mystic, esoteric and energetic-spiritual psychology, to offer meditations, workshops, private consultations and trainings to clients from all over the world. Residing in Pune, India, he was initiated into the OSHO commune at the young age of 5 years by the Renowned OSHO, where he was given his spiritual name, Yogmitra.


Yogmitra has been blessed with visions, psychic experiences, esoteric metaphysical knowledge and guidance from both physical and non-physical Heavenly Masters.


He has extensive knowledge in the areas of Sufism, Tibetan Mantra Healing & Angel Healing therapies to help individuals reconnect with the divine light within them.


He shares his knowledge and wisdom to help his clients find happiness through self-transformation and through facilitating of a spiritual awakening.




The session was very good, actually very much from what I am expecting. It brought me confidence in me that what I was doing is right and I am on the right track. I have learned  a new way of meditation and I think that is what suits me.Excellent indeed!

C. L.

Thank you much for a wonderful experience. I felt liberated from my stress and worries. You have enlighten me a lot. I really needed your advice to love myself. It was very nice to meet you and hope to see you again soon. 


At first i felt very relax and at ease. I don't know what to expect in the beginning but somehow felt that I am in the right path in my life. Thank you for the insight!


I did chakra healing, 3 sessions with Yogmitra and my experience was life changing!
The pain I had in my foot in almost nearly gone, the heaviness and weight I carried on my shoulders and heart are also gone and I feel like a different person, happier, calmer, pain free and glowing! This certainly was one of the best experiences in my life and I'm fortunate enough to have met Yogmitra whom had become an integral part of my life :) i will for sure be taking many many more sessions with him as his talent is unending!
Thank you Yogmitra for sharing your gift with me ❤

Dania A

Deepa Arora

Title: Sufi Healer, Mind Science Therapist & Life Coach
Holistic Approaches Include: 

• Heal your life Leader and Trainer
• Neuro Linguistic Program
• Hypnotherapy
• Angel Therapy
• Angel Healing


Services Offered: Transformational Meditations, Private Consultations & Spiritual Retreats


Languages Spoken: English, Hindi


Nationality: Indian

Certifications & Qualifications:

• Heal your life Leader and Trainer - Heart Inspired Presentations by Louise Hay, USA
• NLP – India
• Hypnotherapy – California Hypnosis, USA
• Angel Therapy – Susan Chopra, India
• Angel Healing – New Age Healing, India


About Deepa:

A multifaceted personality, Deepa Arora is a motivational speaker, law of attraction and spiritual coach. She combines her years of experience in hypnotherapy, shamanism, NLP, regression therapies and spiritual and angelic healing in order to help individuals release their physical, mental and emotional blocks.

Her areas of interest are relationships & wealth as these are the two common areas that so many people struggle with.


Having explored her own truth first, she is passionate about sharing and guiding others on the how the application of spiritual laws in our everyday life can lead individuals to enormous success!


She calls herself a Sufi and says "I am a Sufi, not a philosopher, I am not here to resolve or find the answers, I am here to dissolve the questions. I don't want to talk about or preach theories, ideologies or philosophies about inner self. The path is very experiential, courageous and of transformation.


Deepa Arora has helped and coached several clients over the past 7 years. Her clients come from all walks of life such as sports, entertainment industry, corporate and individuals. Her belief remains that regardless of how successful we are, there is always something to unfold, unlearn and hence, always an opportunity to transform.




I had the pleasure of meeting Deepa during my journey of self-reflection and discovery. Walking in Illuminations for the first time I was met with genuine interest and curiosity. Deepa's presence and energy alone were healing and her words resonated with me instantly. Any doubts about whether or not this was the right thing for me vanished immediately. Deepa is by far one of the most professional and caring people I've met. I learn a lot from her and those learnings are now embedded in my daily life. I aspire to be as centered and connected with myself and the world around me as Deepa is. Simply put, I am better off having met Deepa and you would be too.



I have been seeing Deepa for over 8 months, and I cannot begin to describe how many positive things she has brought to my life. She has helped me open my eyes and my heart. The guidance I have receive from her – both emotionally and spiritually, is truly amazing. She has helped me through a highly volatile phase of my life, and continuously teaches me several tools to deal with it all. She continues to be a part of my life, my journey and the light that guides my path. I am truly grateful to have her as my mentor, and my life coach. I wish her all the best, as she truly deserves it and more!


I would like to register here my gratitude towards Deepa Arora. I attended first a Law of Attraction meditation with her and decided to go ahead and attend also the workshop last Friday 9 June 2017 which i have no better words to describe than AMAZING..

Deepa is a lovely soul, full of love, a given person who is there clearly to help everyone who is ready to continue the journey. I will be very glad if you share my comments with her. I think she must know how glad we are having her around 😊
Thank you so much!

Vivian S.

Dear Illuminations Team,


Thank you and most gratitude for having Deepa Arora as a coach and an inspiration. Since I have met Deepa truly a little over a year ago from today at one of her sessions on Sufi Way, I known since then that she would be the spiritual guide and healer for me.


My gratitude, thanks and appreciation to Deepa Arora from all my heart and Divine Blessings and all the unconditional thanks & love to her. Deepa was genuinely through her knowledge, through compassion and her sessions made and continues to make a long lasting positive change and impact to my life and provides the much needed clarity, grounding and wisdom in very fast paced transient city that attracts energies from all over.


I wish you Deepa all the divine blessings, protection, peace and love in this world has to offer and hope you will continue to visit in Dubai more often


Thanks you and much love,
Phoenix S.P

Nazish Khan

Title: Psychologist & Holistic Healer

Holistic Approaches Include: Postgraduate in Clinical Psychology with a spiritual & energetic approach in healing and therapies.


Therapies offered include:


• Couple Counselling & Healing
• One to one meditation training
• Access Bars
• Hypnotherapy
• Angel Card Reading
• Working with health issues like stress, cancer, arthritis, vision correction, diabetes, blood pressure, fertility issues (any medical conditions)
• Working with relationships & money issues
• Usui Reiki
• Kundalini Reiki
• Crystal Healing



Services Offered: Meditations, Private Consultations, Spiritual & Destination Retreats, Self-Empowerment Workshops & Holistic training Programs


Languages Spoken: Hindi & English


Nationality: Indian


Certifications & Qualifications:

• MSc. Foundations of Clinical Psychology - Bangor University, UK
• Bachelors of Arts in Psychology - Mumbai University, India
• Introduction to Counselling & Psychotherapy - WPF Therapy, London Bridge
• Level 5 – Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy - California Hypnosis Institute of India/EKKA
• Certified Yoga Teacher - The Yoga Institute
• Access Bars Practitioner & Facilitator - Access Consciousness
• Crystal Healer & Facilitator – Divine Light Healing Centre, India
• Reiki Master – Divine Light Healing Centre (USUI SHIKI RYOHO), India
• Angel Card Reading & Channeling - Divine Light Healing Centre, India
• Kundalini Reiki – Reiki Spring, Dubai

About Nazish:

Nazish is a psychology post graduate with a spiritual-energetic approach in life. She works with energy methods like reiki, access bars & access body processes which works to create a powerful healing portal in a person and creates major life shifts in many areas of life toward better living and health. She did her post graduation in Clinical Psychology from Bangor University, Wales, UK and followed her passion to integrate her scientific knowledge in healing and spirituality. She studied many approaches in her attempt to explore the healing modalities. To name a few-hypnotherapy, reiki, access consciousness, angels, crystals, yoga & meditation etc.

She provides a complete mind-body-energy healing approach to facilitate a complete wellness solution for her clientele.


Benefits Include: Relationship Resolution, Freedom from anxiety, addiction cessation, emotional empowerment, health issues, weight issues, psychological issues, stress management and much more!


Nazish Khan instructs the following:

• Crystal Healing Course Basic
• Crystal Healing Advance
• Law of Attraction For Money
• Law of Attraction For Relationships
• Access Bars
• Angel Therapy Basic
• Angel Therapy advance



“I was relieved one session of Hypnotherapy of severe mouth ulcer it was followed by access bars which really help me many of areas of life. It was truly amazing experience.”

- Mohd Saud Syed


“I had severe pain under my left ribcage and I was treated by Nazish Khan through Hypnotherapy and felt better in just one session. Later the treatment was followed by psychotherapy and Access Talk to the Entities. I am very changed person now.”

Shazia Khan

“Through a series of past life regression and access sessions I was empowered and aware to transform my life completely. Today I am an independent person and I am thankful to Nazish for her contribution in my life.”

Kritika Shetty


I would like to thank Nazish for the wonderful course. It was very comprehensive and covered a lot of material. Nazish shared the knowledge very well and she added a lot of additional points to the course whenever she could , time permitting. The atmosphere was very friendly and we were free to clarify and ask questions whenever we wanted to.

The course left me with a feeling of wanting to come again so I will be definitely returning to Illuminations for more knowledge !
It was a pleasure and thank you.


- Karolina Taczala

Investment: AED 80/- (+ 5% VAT)


For more information please email us at OR call 04 4487043 OR WhatsApp on +971 50 910 4710.

Looking forward to seeing you!


About this Meditation: 

Chakras are our energy centers in the body that helps energy flow smoothly in our system. The Intention of this meditation is to help heal, cleanse, harmonize and balance the chakras so that energy can flow smoothly in our lives and our body so we can reach our highest potential.


In this meditation, you can feel the subtle spinning of the chakras as they are balanced and harmonize with the rhythm of the universe…feel the energy of your higher awareness connecting.. balancing.. changing and transmitting all the chakras.. as all these frequencies and vibrations work together in a beautiful synergy.


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