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Angel Healing Workshop Series: Healing & Guidance with Archangel Sandalphon “The Essence of the Rhythm of Life”

This class is taught by:

Fadi Sarieddine

Title: Spiritual Coach and Intuitive Energy Healer

Holistic Approaches Include: 
• Intuitive Readings
• Akashic Records Readings
• Energy Healing
• Spiritual Coaching
• Intuitive Development

Services Offered: Private Consultations, Intuitive Readings, Meditations, Workshops, Social Activities
Languages Spoken: English, Arabic
Nationality: Lebanese
Certifications & Qualifications:

•Angel Reading – Sheelagh Maria
•Certified Reiki Master and Practitioner – Awakened Soul, Rachel Bevan
•Co-active Coach – Coaches Training Institute (CTI)

About Fadi Sarieddine:
Fadi Sariedine is a Catalyst of Truth who helps you connect with your true authentic selves and embrace who you are without judgement and the life experiences that have shaped you thus far. Fadi believes that we are complete, abundant and at peace at every given moment and it is through our connection to the inner source of infinite wisdom and power that we can access the fullness of all that we are, and it is Fadi's passion to help you connect with that inner source consistently at all times.

Fadi is a channel, healer, and a spiritual mentor with a clear connection to the Angels, Ascended Masters and the higher realms of consciousness. Fadi’s journey started a few years ago after a visit from Archangel Michael that turned his life around and it is through the work that Fadi does with the Archangels and the Ascended Masters that he intends to bring an inspiring and empowering touch to others.
Fadi is an amazing and equally humble talent in psychic communication and channelling. The most stunning aspect of his work is that he makes it seem so natural and seamless. Watching him communicate with higher dimensional beings and archangels is like sitting in a room and chatting with friends from other realms in real time. His intuitive style is unique and the messages he delivers are very clean and clear.


Fadi has extremely high energy, is a very clear channel and works with angels. Whether or not that resonates with you (it certainly didn't for me, at first), just sitting with him gives you a sense of groundedness and a good grip on your center line. Everything flows. You breathe easier. It all makes sense.



I have been working with Fadi for approximately 1 year now and I can honestly say he has helped me grow as a spiritual being so much; always pushing me out of my comfort zone and relating reassuring messages from the Angels.

I recently went home to the U.K. For surgery and received so much support and loving messages from Fadi / the angels. Receiving healing from Fadi is an incredible experience; extremely healing and soothing. I would highly recommend a reading or healing with Fadi; he can give you guidance and advice from a place of unconditional love which can potentially change the course of your life!



Daniela Nikolova

Title: Akashic Record Reader, Intuitive Artist , Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Holistic Approaches Include: 

• Qoya Dancing
• Verbal Yoga
• Intuitive Painting
• Akashic Record reading
• Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
• MIR Method
• Color and Crystal Therapy


Services Offered: Transformational Meditations, Private Consultations & Empowerment Workshops focusing on Deep Emotional Release


Languages Spoken: English, Bulgarian and Russian


Nationality: British (Bulgarian by Birth)


About Daniela:

Daniela Nikolova is an intuitive healer, soul artist, writer, Qoya (Awakening Your Sacred Feminine Energy) dance facilitator , Integrative Nutrition Certified Health Coach who practices on the Illuminations platform.

Daniela is a part of the Creative Team at The Master Shift, a non-profit organization, based in New York and is the narrator of the 12.12.15 Global Meditation to Raise the Vibration of Our Collective Consciousness which is being featured in a soon to be released documentary "Awaken" .


She is a blogger at The Huffington Post and MindBody Network as well as a part of few projects as a volunteer in helping others.


Her journey to self-rediscovery started after her second child was born when she found herself into a cycle of never ending physical challenges.


Daniela began experiencing profound changes in her life after attending different healing workshops such as Reiki, Pranic Healing, Jin Shin Jyutsu and with the amazing support of her naturopathic doctor . Her re-connection with her Higher Self was deepened mostly after she was introduced to the Akashic Records, a method that allows us to access higher spiritual wisdom. It was like a different level of understanding, knowing and healing.


This is what Daniela shares about her healing and work within the Akashic Records:

"As I go deeper onto my journey as a woman and guide, I come to realize one of the biggest gifts healing and working in the Akashic Records has given me. And this is the gift of Presence.


Daniela is passionate about expression and all its forms . She believes that expression is the gateway to one's truth. The door to our heart's wisdom, healing and awareness.


She is currently completing her studies in Colour and Crystal Therapy, Meditation as well as Shamanic Journeying .


Daniela believes that her purpose is not to change anybody's world but to guide others in the process of creating their own miracle, finding their own passion and following their own wisdom and truth. She believes she is here to offer the tools and hold a sacred space so each and every person who connects with her is able to experience a new level of awareness and healing.



When Daniela speaks, her words come from the depth of her heart. No One can miss that in her. Daniela is a beautiful soul and an extremely sensitive being. Her sensitivity connects her to a higher realm. Her paintings are channeled from a place of divine energy and hold strong feelings and messages to their beholders. The poems Daniela channels come from a mystical place and take you on an enchanted journey of love and light.

During a reading, when Daniela connects to the Akashic Records, the knowing flows with ease and brings a greater awareness to the client. Daniela is truly an earth-angel among the living.

-Nicole Haimari

My session with Daniela was magical - She has a gentle way of creating a sacred space for the magic to happen, and then inviting the creative inside to play. Her way of teaching is natural and intuitive. As someone who has rarely painted, I was surprised by how smoothly the session went, like it was something I had been doing all along. After the session, I felt like I had broken through a wall that was holding me back from fully expressing the power of my heart. Deeply grateful for this gifted healer, mentor and friend.

-Suzanne Blake
Yoga Teacher and Business Owner

Daniela is amazing-truly authentic . Very down to earth yet connected to the light. She connected brilliantly to my guides and original truth. She is blessed with Divine intuition and is a great guide to spiritual seekers and especially in the incubation period ! God bless you , Daniela!



Daniela is an amazing person she makes what she does seem effortless and so natural. She takes the time to get to know you from the inside, there is no judgement and no obligation. The healing is done on your term and your pace. She sees all of you and treats it all from the emotional to the body to your diet to the spiritual and to your heart and soul. It is a true pleasure to go through this journey with her she has made it seem effortless but the results are truly amazing I am a new and improved version of me and everyone notices I cannot help being happy and feel so blessed thank you so much for helping me to find myself again.


I went to Qoya dance class with Daniela not really realizing that so much of spiritual feminine energy would be released. Daniela have put here heart in preparing for a class with special set up and intention setting for each of the participants. A lot of emotions, freedom and love with many other high vibration energies centered in one place. It was the first time I have felt the Earth energy actually nurturing my feminine me. Thanks a lot for the Qoya dance class to Daniela and Illuminations.


After 3 years of trying every energy healing technique with many energy practitioners from Egypt and India, I recognize you Daniela as one of a handful of elite practitioners who really gets to the root of a problem and eliminates it. You also gifted in that you have different successful skills as you helped me spiritually during the angel reading sessions ,and you helped me to reduce the whole body pain that I was suffering for 8 years through the tibetan sound healing ,also you helped me to stop the antidepressant I was taking for 6 years by adjusting my diet as you are one the most knowledgeable nutritionist I have ever met, also you helped me to lose weight and detox my body by your wonderful recipes you are sending to me. You are really a gift from God.


You also helped my daughter Mariam so much by keeping her grounded and giving her nutrition advices, that all friends and relatives noticed the huge difference on her attitude. And I am always recommending you to anyone of my friends who needs assistance in any area of their lives whether that be a health, family, career, finances or any issue relating self-healing.


Thank you Daniela for all you have helped me with, I have changed so much, more than I thought was possible. You are a true blessing. Love you a lot and missing you so much.

With love



Manuela Bollea

Title: World Renowned Psychic & Quantum Healer

Holistic Approaches Include:


• Master in the Inner Arts of Evolution
• Intuitive Life Coach, Quantum Therapist
• Omega Health Coach
• Master Angel Life Coach
• Crystalline Oracle
• Psychic
• Medium
• European Holistic Teacher

Languages Spoken: English & Italian

Nationality: Italian

Certifications & Qualifications:


• Director of Angeli Cristallini International
• Bachelor of Wellness and Holistic Counselling
• Life Coach
• Light Worker
• Angel Master Life Coach
• Omega Master Top Coach
• Crystalline Oracle
• Touchstone for Life Coach
• Psychic
• Medium
• European Holistic Teacher

About Manuela Bollea:


Manuela was born and grew up in the rich cultural, business and esoteric city of Turin, in northern Italy. Her mother was a medium and it became evident, from an early age, that Manuela was a very gifted medium and empath. She herself knew that she was ‘different’ and as she discovered her gifts, she committed to using her gifts to assist as many people as she could, to find joy and peace in their lives. She studied languages at the University of Turin and then went to work at an esoteric library in Asti, in northern Italy. Whilst there, she offered individual and group healing sessions, helping many people to change their lives. She met her husband Gian Carlo Zazzeri, also a gifted medium, and the two formed a strong partnership, committing their gifts to serving humanity.


In 2007, Manuela’s spiritual quest lead her and Gian Carlo to Australia to live amongst the Wangoo peoples, an indigenous community in Northern Queensland. Manuela and Gian were adopted by the Wangoo people and initiated into their practices by the leader of the community, a gift not often conferred onto those outside their community. Not only did Manuela’s abilities increase, but her life was radically transformed by this powerful experience. Upon leaving the Wangoo peoples, she and Gian Carlo travelled to Holland and Germany where she began working with world renowned Dr. Roy Martina, Isabelle Von Fallois, Garry Quinn, and Patricia Martina.


Dr. Roy Martina, world known holistic trainer and speaker, mentored Manuela and she became one of his most successful holistic coaches. Manuela was passionate about the work she did whilst working with Dr. Martina and it created positive changes in her well-being and vitality and the sense of peace for herself and those she assisted. She knew that her capabilities were only to be used with her loving and humble heart to help as many people as possible. This passion became her personal mission and she devoted herself to sharing this knowledge to enable people to rediscover their potential and improve their lives.


Investment: AED 150/- (+5%VAT)


For more information please email us at OR call 04 4487043 OR WhatsApp on +971 50 910 4710.

Looking forward to seeing you!

About the Workshop:

The Angelic kingdom offers us great healing, guidance and assistance. There are many true testaments and real-life stories of miracles that have occurred when connecting with angels.


This workshop involves working with different guardian angels and archangels to heal and harmonize every aspect of our life for our highest good. We can heal our bodies, mind, emotions, relationships, families, careers, finances and all other areas of our lives with their divine assistance.


Angel Therapy also empowers us to receive divine guidance more clearly from the creator and the angels and make our lives more beautiful and peaceful.


In our "Working with the Angel" series, we will go over the role and strengths of the different angels each week.


We’ll go through how to make contact with the Angels, through meditation, crystals etc. The session will also guide you on how to ask for angelic assistance as you go about the fast pace of your daily lives.


Participants will experience the following:

  • Learning easy ways of tapping into one’s own divinity with the angels
  • Releasing negative thought forms and beliefs through working with angels
  • Freeing oneself from inner bondages
  • Learning to live life with joy and abundance

Angel of the Week:

Sandalphon is the archangel of music and prayer. He rules over music in heaven. Sandalphon also receives the prayers of people on Earth when they arrive in heaven, and he then weaves the prayers into spiritual flower garlands to present to God. He helps clear away fear and dispels spiritual confusion and aggression.

The session will include a guided meditation to connect with the loving light of the archangel and receive Divine guidance.


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